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Slashdot article about Revision3 / Systm / Broken

Darren Kitchen

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I read this when the Slashdot came through my RSS tube. One of the first commenters hits the nail on the head when he/she says:

I have also found [Revision3] to dumb down the old shows. But they just added Hak5 to their lineup. This show is great for advanced users. They really get technical with all things network, hacking, games, .... I also found the audio pod casts from Leo Leport to be good.

This sums up why I like Hak5 so much. You guys cater to the old school hackers and coders, instead of the geek-hipsters that think they're hackers because they had someone walk them through a point'n'click iPhone jailbreak. I don't mind these "dumbed down" shows though, and I love to just get the easy version of a story when it's about something I don't really need to know all the details of. But when it comes to the subjects Hak5 talks about, I don't wanna be treated like a n00b. That's why I love the new season so much. Keep up the good work.

(I'm not on /. otherwise I would've kissed you guyses asses over there as well ;) )

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