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Well mates i've had the screw up of the lifetime. I recently reloaded my computer and ive had one of me friends on the comp while i was at work... he scrwed up and made me a non-admin account and ive tried safe mode and no account. tried the temp hack and no dice.

If interested im grateful and if the problem is resolved you'll be my new best friend. :)

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Not sayign I beleive you, but whatever...use a Live disc like UBCD4WIN and reset the password or admin accounts. Add users, delete users, etc. Or, you could try logging in as administrator with no password(If you never set it). At the normal logon screen(Make sure windows is not set to log you on automatically unde ryour normal account - as in, no saved password) hit ctrl+alt+delete a few times or "windowskey+L" and you should get a new logon box popup. Type in "Administrator" and no password, see what happens. If it asks for a password, then you need to crack it with ophcrack or similar and change what you need, but if its your machine, you should know what the Administrator account password is. If it's not your machine, well, I really don't care, cause its your ass, not mine. Also, this is such an old topic, did you even search the forums for the same problem(or google for that matter)? There are many ways to do this...

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idk if this will help but if you go into cmd and type net user>then find his log in >net user "his login" * it will prompt you for a password ,new/confirm. then just log on his name and change your account to admin. ive done it on xp sp2

if it doesnt work then srry.

just google this topic you will find something

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Buy @ctive Password Reset, run it and reset your Administrator password.

Is there a reason why you can't ask your friend what he set the Administrator password to?

Is there a reason why this is your first post, and you're asking how to gain access to the root account?


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