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How do i make a program portable?


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Hey guys,

My college wont let me access facebook chat from their computers or install software on my account so i got the U3 drive and found an IM client that will allow me to use the facebook friends list like MSN.

Is there any easy way to make a program portable?

The program i want to do is simple.im client.

Any help greatly appreciated.


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download NSIS then learn howto use it

you can create a package that extracts everything to a temp folder on the drive...then when closed it deletes the temp data

there is a hammachi project that does this ..i think its called burk or something it does the same thing its pretty nice and i have made many portable apps includeing quake2 ...hehe

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your best bet would be to get a usb drive and install portable apps on it from the portableapps.com website.

Pidgin which is a great and open source instant messaging program will run from a portable drive and there is a facebook chat plugin you can install to access the facebook network.

http://portableapps.com/apps/internet/pidgin_portable <-------- Pidgin portable

http://code.google.com/p/pidgin-facebookchat/ <-----Facebookchat plugin

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I know this is an old post but I was looking for this exact question a few month back and saw this and realized how much I wanted to make my own portable apps. it doesn't work with every single kind of program (example alcohol of Virtual-box by Sun) but that is because of specific drivers that need to be installed on the local machine for virtualization purposes. The program I use if called VMware Thin-app. Very simple to use. ALso makes msi install packages.

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Quick easy, no code required. (a little out of date but still useful)


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it seems that i am using one software that can make any program portable, prayaya V3, anyone heard of ?

but actually and amazingly, it works so far.

it is a virtual operating system carried on a usb or ipod etc and it allows you to install any windows running software on it with any other plugins or modification. so v3 and all your software will be carried on usb, and it seems has its own registry. no trace on any computer.

it says so, but it is generally so from my experiece. any one interests or used before??

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You can install Sandboxie Portable (mostly portable I think) and just carry around the sandbox with you. It's said to help with trailware, delete sandbox after trail is up. Be warned, Sandboxie is nag-ware and only comes with one sandbox for free users.

Uniextract works awesome for about 90% of applications. Just use the app to extract from the installer and move the files around where they seem fit (it's kinda obvious).


awesome site for how-to's and links to downloads. Lots of users comment on the applications so you can see what's up with the software before you download it.

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