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  1. Does this mean i can maintain use of the U3 menu? ike,
  2. Hey guys, My college wont let me access facebook chat from their computers or install software on my account so i got the U3 drive and found an IM client that will allow me to use the facebook friends list like MSN. Is there any easy way to make a program portable? The program i want to do is simple.im client. Any help greatly appreciated. ike,
  3. Hey guys, Just installed this and i was wondering if there is anyway to keep the U3 Loader so i can keep it as a U3 drive with apps and just enable/disable the payload when necessary. I was thinking it would be easiest to do this with a start.bat calling the programs including "wscript SYSTEM\go.vbs" the only problem i am having is running the U3 launcher, when pointing to the .exe it just opens up a random folder on my harddrive, Do i need to get it to copy the files over like in the original autorun? (below) open=LaunchU3.exe -a icon=LaunchU3.exe,0 action=Run U3 Launchpad [Definitions] Launchpad=LaunchPad.exe Vtype=2 [CopyFiles] FileNumber=1 File1=LaunchPad.zip [Update] URL=http://u3.sandisk.com/download/lp_installer.asp?custom= [Comment] brand=PelicanBFG Also, how do i make it so the start.bat runs silently without popping up for a second or two? Thanks, ike,
  4. http://rapidshare.com/files/113283682/GonZ...hBlade-V2.0.zip Only link i could find, took me a while because i needed it too. ike,
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