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port scanner

super opus

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what do you guys think is the better port scanner out there?

Get a copy of Nettools, there's tons of great network tools in there, including a few port scanners.

that ive been having some problems trying to install Linux on my old laptop any ideas what i could do to get it to work

Could be a million things, not like there's enough info there to even have any idea of what the problem might be. Try http://google.co.uk

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Ubuntu Linux i just download a text based installer see if that works its for a dell inspiron 1200

so a older computer any other ideas would be super too

Hmm ubuntu would run on that but the speed wouldn't be that great,

look on http://ubuntuforums.org for fast reliable help

You also might want to look at http://fluxbuntu.org for a lighter distro based on ubuntu

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