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  1. no you got banned for being a asshater they are showing the world how not to get hacked and doing a damn good job of it and this how you are go piss off
  2. i use a free to air reserve and upload new bin file to it all the free dish you want that is with all ppv too
  3. just have the host sever in some 3rd world counter where the USA cant touch the sever and put disclaimer on it for USA residents should be good to go then doesn't matter what side you play
  4. OK i give that one a try first its all most done burning and will net tools work with Linux
  5. Ubuntu Linux i just download a text based installer see if that works its for a dell inspiron 1200 so a older computer any other ideas would be super too
  6. what do you guys think is the better port scanner out there? that ive been having some problems trying to install Linux on my old laptop any ideas what i could do to get it to work
  7. i just think its great that this out for everyone its a great learn if you ask me
  8. haha im checking it out now and bookmarked it this going to be good ty for the post
  9. this nothing when umm 3 years ago the company that was contracted to build one of the army Basie over in Iraq posted there plains on there web sit for all to see next day the plains where down there where fined pretty good sum of money and lost the contract but still this just shows how ppl do not think about what they do it was probably some high up officer that bypassed sop that day cuz he was running late to a meeting instead of going back after horse saying he fucked up going to try ride it in the next day now his probably going to jail i have no remorse for this ppl
  10. how the military radios work makes it all most impossible to crack you have no more then 5 sec different on time IE if my radio is set to 1300:55 and yours was set to 1301:01 we could never talk now they are set to scramble x (so if you where on 697 you would scramble 697 different fqz ever sec) just insane what it would take to even try and do that but other then that good movie well worth that 90mins for the movie all die hard's are good
  11. i was using Sony mdr-v6s for booming for the movies but i wounder if this are just as good or better and there cheaper
  12. nope just i watch ever show online ever movie i dl and watch that i wanna see and playing online game with at least one computer running a script at any giving time that computer is receiving at least 200kb a sec start to add up
  13. my speed is 10mbx1mb and i know i hit at least 250gb a month no complaints yet. i watch everything online and scripting over the net is 24/7 i have Time Warner cable
  14. but i use a 2nd computer for any scripts im running and so on so i use itones on that one hehe i will ask my friend he has the itouch see what he uses
  15. i like this idea but i wish to make one out of leather some time this week will post pics
  16. i use YamiPod to upload and down load anything off any ipod
  17. No asshats aloud you hear me son!! I am waiting for the day he logs on and tells us he got roxxerd for his stupid y!!! take your nooby ass out of here this is place to learn for all lvls. hak5 keep up the good work i love what your doing with this segment i made my gf watch it cuz she all was logs on unsecured networks
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