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second time in a week, ive gotten something like this


Is this bad? I dont know these people and i think its viagra, wtf? i dont want my account closed cuz somebody is doing something, ive changed my password before to use regular and symbol chars just in case. The only thing i can think of is i use outlook express at home. could a virus have done this?


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Could it have possibly been a result of your email address being harvested by God knows what on the internetz??

Make up a second email account for "subscription purposes" and keep your other email address as private as you can...but even that's never a guarantee that your not going to cop a shafting.

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Normally you get something like this when an email you sent failed, but if you didn't send any emails and get a notice of failed to send or something like returned, etc, in the subject line, don't even open the email as it probably contains malware or such. If not just spam it could contain links to somehting that can infect your machine or be a phishing attempt.

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It's probably an attempt to avoid the spam filtering (not that you have to when spamming hotmail/msn addresses as spam filtering by Microsoft doesn't work). Instead of sending the mail directly to you, they set the sender address as your address then send it to a address they know the email will bounce from.

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