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  1. MANA Attack, for the Pineapple.

    @RobinTheKayOh Seems like what's actually the error is ln: /etc/mana-toolkit: File exists Have you tried removing said file/directory?
  2. Payloads Not Running

    @daven2411 GET TARGET_OS doesn't currently support [email protected] could perhaps implement some GET TARGET_OS_DETAILS or something, the problem is returning the amount of detail that's actually wanted. For example, some times you might want IS_WIN7_OR_HIGHER and other times you might want IS_VERY_SPECIFIC_WINDOWS10_BUILD. While you could get some details from nmap, it's not always correct and can lack details. The best way would be to execute the following powershell-command and return its values tot he BB via for example the networking or filesystem: [System.Environment]::OSVersion.Version
  3. Much credentials payloads are not working

    @Tamanbir You might be having problems with your AV. Also, many payloads use an old version of mimikatz (through Invoke-Mimikatz of PowerSploit, upstream tracking-issue 255), which doesn't support newer versions of Windows 10.
  4. [RELEASE] Packet Squirrel Firmware v1.1

    @Dave-ee Jones Fair point, however the documentation has not been updated for 1.1 and thus doesn't have any info on CLONE
  5. [RELEASE] Packet Squirrel Firmware v1.1

    What's the difference between is CLONE comparable to TRANSPARENT or to BRIDGE?
  6. Much credentials payloads are not working

    All bashbunny-payloads should now be updated for 1.3+, which mean they should work with newer firmware and other languages. For languages other than en-US you still have to change the language-setting at the root of the device.
  7. Firmware 1.1

    Is there a changelog for this @Sebkinne?

    Yup, that's how TRANSPARENT works. Alternatively, BRIDGE/VPN is good if you want it to have an IP without NAT-ing the client
  9. Hak5 pineapple

    Either of the two can do that with the default landingpage-module
  10. TwoTone LED

    Might want to add some sleep for blinking
  11. Hardware specs

    If you're using the default tcpdump-payload it appears so as it doesn't get an IP-address or get a network-connection (because it uses NETMODE TRANSPARENT)
  12. packet squirrel docs down

    From what I understand, they haven't opened the wiki yet (for some reason). Some docs are available at https://www.hak5.org/gear/packet-squirrel/docs
  13. [victim]<->[packetsquirrel]<->[tap]<->[victim] ? Yeah, the default tcpdump-payload should do that if you change "br-lan" on line 52 in payload.txt to "any"
  14. Update to Firmware 1.4 But Library is Empty

    Try running the updater again
  15. Web server on network side

    Probably didn't help I mixed up the two, sorry.