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    Howto dnsdomainname?

    As I understood busybox is being used on Shark Jack, the solution could be as simply as adding dnsdomainname and hostname applets to busybox. How can this be done?
  2. Topic can be closed. Problem was caused by the fact somehow I could not get an updated ./start.sh file added to the container. Solution was found in using CMD command in Dockerfile to start Cloud C2.
  3. I want to use the dnsdomainname (e.g. domain.local) in bash script in order to dig the DNS Server. Unfortunately dnsdomainname command is not included by default in Shark Jack. I tried "opkg install net-tools-dnsdomainname" but this throws the error: "opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package net-tools-dnsdomainname.". Any ideas how to get the "dnsdomainname" command working on Shark Jack?
  4. Hi faithfulst3ward, I tried to use your instructions to create a Docker containing Cloud C2 unfortunately I can no get it to work. After running the Docker it ends within a split second and as --restart was set to always, it is continuously restarting. I spent quite some time is trying every alternative I could think of but without any success. Hopefully you have experienced the same and have a solution. Looking forward to any help. Thanks in advance.
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