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  1. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0cRoCuwW9s4 (HAK5 2317) Think about it. A line is expected to be executed completely before the next, so you should be able to expect that you're fully in a NETMODE before NETMODE completes (or fails). Therefore I propose that NETMODE NAT/BRIDGE waits until either an IP has been received through DHCP, DHCPv6, IPv6 RA, or a timeout fails the change.
  2. @RobinTheKayOh Seems like what's actually the error is ln: /etc/mana-toolkit: File exists Have you tried removing said file/directory?
  3. @daven2411 GET TARGET_OS doesn't currently support details.@thehappydinoa could perhaps implement some GET TARGET_OS_DETAILS or something, the problem is returning the amount of detail that's actually wanted. For example, some times you might want IS_WIN7_OR_HIGHER and other times you might want IS_VERY_SPECIFIC_WINDOWS10_BUILD. While you could get some details from nmap, it's not always correct and can lack details. The best way would be to execute the following powershell-command and return its values tot he BB via for example the networking or filesystem: [System.Environment]::OSVersion.Version
  4. @Tamanbir You might be having problems with your AV. Also, many payloads use an old version of mimikatz (through Invoke-Mimikatz of PowerSploit, upstream tracking-issue 255), which doesn't support newer versions of Windows 10.
  5. @Dave-ee Jones Fair point, however the documentation has not been updated for 1.1 and thus doesn't have any info on CLONE
  6. What's the difference between is CLONE comparable to TRANSPARENT or to BRIDGE?
  7. All bashbunny-payloads should now be updated for 1.3+, which mean they should work with newer firmware and other languages. For languages other than en-US you still have to change the language-setting at the root of the device.
  8. Is there a changelog for this @Sebkinne?
  9. Yup, that's how TRANSPARENT works. Alternatively, BRIDGE/VPN is good if you want it to have an IP without NAT-ing the client
  10. Might want to add some sleep for blinking
  11. If you're using the default tcpdump-payload it appears so as it doesn't get an IP-address or get a network-connection (because it uses NETMODE TRANSPARENT)
  12. From what I understand, they haven't opened the wiki yet (for some reason). Some docs are available at https://www.hak5.org/gear/packet-squirrel/docs
  13. [victim]<->[packetsquirrel]<->[tap]<->[victim] ? Yeah, the default tcpdump-payload should do that if you change "br-lan" on line 52 in payload.txt to "any"
  14. Probably didn't help I mixed up the two, sorry.
  15. NETMODE on the packetsquirrel is kinda like ATTACKMODE on the bashbunny
  16. The PacketSquirrel* supports working as a router, that's the NETMODE NAT.
  17. However, structure should be predictable and sharing it the bashbunny as much as possible makes it easier to find things and know where to put things, it ensures order
  18. As payloads are starting to come in but before there are too many, I think it's time to consider categorizing the payloads. According to the docs, only one category has been specifically mentioned - Prank. To me this implies that the categories are atleast partially based on the bashbunny-categories. Based on this, I propose that we use the existing bashbunny categories with the following additions for things the packetsquirrel can do that the bashbunny can't: interception sniffing remote-access vpn? (This could be part of remote-access, given that there probably aren't gonna be that many ways to do it other than ovpn and autossh) For the out of box payloads, I've proposed categories in PR#1, however I'd like some input before it's merged and payloads are moved into folders.
  19. I'd think so. I'm not so sure about adding a wireless adapter but you could run it in NAT-mode and add a pineapple on the client-side.
  20. Another reason for adding it: Some devices, such as printers, tend to be exceptions to 802.1x... because they don't support it
  21. Related discussion on the Packet Squirrel-board
  22. Curious, how does the external USB-storage support the switch, is it just to copy the repo?
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