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  1. Hi JEB, could you please give some info on how you configured the 3G connection and how you tested it? Trying to achieve the same thing.
  2. Hi ASD, probably a bit a late but it looks like we're looking into the same stuff. As stated by the other repliers I'm doing this with a HackRF. Feel free to join in on
  3. Yet another step closer: On IRC I received two links on the #SDR channel: Cyberspectrum: Bay Area Software Defined Radio #7 (May 2015): https://youtu.be/BoFOt9AUWuE Cyberspectrum: Bay Area Software Defined Radio #9 (July 2015): https://youtu.be/NBfBnPPcuJw And they also pointed me towards RFtap (https://rftap.github.io/). Looking into this now. The docs indicate that Wireshark 2.3 and above have buildin support for this so I'm going to try that route.
  4. Depends on what you look for I think. I suppose you mean anything audio related? In that case there are always plenty of babymonitors, intercoms, walkies, DECT-phones, ... Have a look here: http://static.ofcom.org.uk/static/spectrum/fat.html. This is a link to the UK Frequency Allocation Table, which is regulated by Ofcom, the UK's communications regulator. In this table you'll find all the possible frequencies that are out there on the radio spectrum, and it will state what the frequency is used for. A good place to start is in the SMI-band for Scientific, Medical and Industrial applications. Also fun to take a look at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Citizens_band_radio (CB radio)
  5. alright, got that one working. Didn't know about SWIG before. It appears that this is some sort of linking library between C++ and Python. It appeared that have that installed but it was of the wrong version. I could verify this by doing over the build process. In the log of the build I could see the error: So, to fix this I did Then, I rebuild and the stuff worked. Now it's time to figure out how to use this thing...
  6. Another update: Just_a_User gave me a hint on the #sdr-channel and pointed me to https://github.com/pavelyazev/gr-dect2 Now, I build and installed it and opened the example GRC-flow and replaced the USRP source with an OSMOCOM source to use my HackRF. But now if I run it, the thing stumples upon following error: My GRC flow looks like this:
  7. Ok, seems that there is an old project 'Dedected' (https://dedected.org) on which there was a talk on 25C3 (2008) (https://dedected.org/trac/wiki/25C3) but unfortunately, one of the researchers wasn't able to explain his findings in English so I didn't manage to follow that. Since then there seems to be an update on the project, well more of a fork under the name 'Re-dected' that has been uploaded on github: https://github.com/znuh/re-DECTed I'm still figuring out how to get this last one working and wrapping my head around how dect exactly works, but we're moving forward.
  8. Hi, Starting of on a new project again, I'd be interested to learn more about analysing DECT communication through a HackRF. Is there any specific research that you think I should read up on? I've done my first steps with the hackrf: hacking the garagedoor, listening in on the babymonitor, ... now I'd like to start learning about DECT phones, but I'm 100% new to the subject.
  9. Thanks but I just finished setting it up on v3 as I wanted it for my project so I'm going to stay on v3 for now. I don't think the fix you suggest would actually solve the connection problem after having upgraded to v4.
  10. I just installed all of them, so not really sure which one it was. But the trouble didn't start when having those modules installed. It started when having upgraded to v4. I undid it by downloading v3 and downgrading again. So I currently run v3 without any problems. I think the behavior can be reconstructed by just upgrading a clean device to v4.
  11. My name is C aka Digitally Colourful Mistifier Favourite game: Risk Favourite OS: Debian Favourite console: Retropi Nationality: European Accent: Depends on context Sex: Male Age: Old enough to have sex with mutual consent and drink alcohol Race: Errr, we got rid of that word about 70yrs ago... Height: My physique is not of any importance here Status: Father of two, loving wife Build: see 'Height' Favourite band: Too many to list and changes regularly Favourite book: The tipping point by Malcolm Gladwell Favourite author: Too many to list and changes regularly Favourite movie: Too many to list and changes regularly Favourite director: Tarantino Favourite TV Show: HAK5 & Primitive Technology (on youtube) Other hobbies: Walking, ice skating, skiing Car: Nihola cargobike Occupation: Business owner
  12. Yes, first get ur bellies filled with turkey and other goodness! Priorities people! Priorities :-)
  13. So something is definitely off with the latest version. Anyone from the developers around that could have a clue about what's causing this?
  14. Yes, that worked. Downgrading back to version 3 did the trick. Now, I assume that there is good reason to have v4, otherwise it probably wouldn't exist, so maybe it would be interesting to research this a bit further to know what went wrong with v4.
  15. Going to try another approach: going to assume that the version that I had initially was version 3, so downloaded that again and I am doing a manual downgrade now. Hopefully this will work. Will post update afterwards.
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