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Found 11 results

  1. Can the O.mg Lightning be produced with 6ft length? If so, do you have any ideas how to get it done?
  2. I tried using the default upgrade process for Packet Squirrel to attempt to install a custom ROM I built using the OpenWRT Image Builder because I found the Reference Board I believe is used by Packet Squirrel within the options to build to using that image builder. Now it won't start at all. A simple flash in the LED when I plug it in is all I get. Did I brick this device?
  3. I have considered creating a custom built ROM for this new Packet Squirrel using the OpenWRT Image Builder, because I want to use StrongSwan instead of OpenVPN. Is upgrading to a custom built image possible, or are we only able to use that which the Hak5 Team has created? If upgrading to custom ROM is possible, what install steps are different from the default upgrade process? Details of what I have tried are below in a follow-up post, now that the edit function is available.
  4. Hello, I'm trying to compile custom firmware for a rubberducky, because I want to change the ducky's serialnumber. I've found the setting I want to change: \USB-Rubber-Ducky-master\Firmware\Source\Mass_Storage\USB\src\config\conf_usb.h > define USB_DEVICE_SERIAL_NAME "..." // Disk SN for MSC So now I just need to compile this into new working firmware. But I can't find a guide on doing this anywhere, and I haven't done much compiling/coding, so I don't have the experience to do it on my own. I've downloaded "Atmel Studio 7.0" since I read somewhere that that is what's needed, but after a lot of clicking arround and opening files and pressing buttons, I can't seem to get it to compile anything.. Can anyone help me with this? FYI: I've done my fair share of coding for arduino's/pi's and hardware hacking so I'm not a complete noob, but this has left me flustered a bit...
  5. Hello everyone! I searched across the internet for a theme dedicated to the Pineapple interface, in vain... I only found the "NSA Theme" on this post. So I was wondering if anyone here wanted to share his custom Pineapple Theme :D (I suck at css) Thanks!
  6. Hello everyone, So, sometime ago I made a video about how to flash an AP121U with the WiFi pineapple firmware. I know that it is a little bit old, but I thing that it will be nice to have it here in the forums for everyone that wants this information in the future. Feel free to commend and subscribe to my channel ! thank you for watching Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DsC4AinWrvs
  7. Ok, when the duck is in it's case, you can't see the LED - meh. Anyway - does anyone know how to add another one? Is it possible to attach one to the connections at the bottom of the duck? Thanks.
  8. Hi, I've downloaded the source for the c_duck firmware, and I changed a few of the properties so the duck has a different name - at least most of it anyway, but when I compile it and then flash it; the duck registers as a Mass Storage Device, but the duck won't emulate the keyboard, and the USB Mass Storage has the name "ATMEL Ducky Storage USB Device". I've changed all the strings in the "config_usb.h" so the name is different but it still doesn't work. All I've changed is: Still no luck. Also, when I compile the program, I get errors related to "input", the errors I get are: "input is not relaxable" and "no return statement in function returning non-void". I want to edit the "Composite_Duck_4cap" firmware but I can't find the source, so I'm using the "Composite Duck" firmware to see if I can successfully modify the code. Is it possible for you to upload a custom version of the "Composite Duck" firmware so that the Duck doesn't register as a Duck? Such as what I was trying to acomplish in the Quote above... Thanks. And thank you for all your work so far! You really do take care of the Ducky project :)
  9. I would like to know if there is a way to generate random exe templates for injecting custom shellcode into; just like msf pro does. Is there a manual way to do this? If not, where can I find the information I will need to write my own? I am not a programmer so this will need to be VERY good instruction for me to be able to follow. I am willing to learn but I am very inexperienced here. I basically need to be able to create my own custom/random exe template then know how to add the custom shellcode into it that is created by msfvenom's output so that it runs. Thanks to all who help!
  10. So seeing that hak5 is sold out of the elite package. I decided to put together my own. Thank to the hak5 team for sending my pineapple fast. I would have made my own pineapple but the router is hard to find. I order a yagi ant. and a 2 watt amp both being shipped from china so they are not in the pic. Here are the specs. 1x wifi pineapple 1x Alfa 036H (The best card) 1x Alfa 036NHA 1x Alfa 051NH (2nd best) 1x Alfa 7dBi directional ant 1x 25dBi yagi ant 1x 2000mw wifi amplifier 2x sma extensions 1x 4-port usb hub w/ external power option 1x usb to barrel 1mm for usb hub 1x usb to barrel for pineapple 1x lenmar undead power 11000mAh 1/2.4A max 2/1A max 3/1A max 1x SanDisk 4GB Cruzer Fit 1x cat5 patch cable 1x Pelican 1050 Case I hope this all comes together nicely. I will post stats when I am done installing everything in the box.
  11. So I just watched this video, and its amazing. The idea of having a phone that does this is simply incredible, however, it seems it has some flaws on how it works. How would you just be able to put the charge port in another place? With WLAN and Bluetooth modules, this could be possible because the OS (Android ftw) could detect a new device on the bus and deploy the correct kernel mod, Put CPU and Power, wat? Please share your thoughts on this :D PhoneBloks
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