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  1. So for this script I have the DELAY numbers quite high. it all depends on the computer specs, like how fast it is able to start up powershell, enter the commands, etc. Try lowering the DELAY numbers by half. It improves the speed greatly! Just test the script with different DELAYs and see how fast you can get your computer (or victims) computer to run the commands. Try putting 250 for the first four DELAYs. That should run it a lot quicker!
  2. I'm not sure. I don't see why you would do that though if the shellcode already gives you a meterpreter shell. I think the .exe has to be able to be converted into a powershell format, but google it! Sorry I can't help you with this
  3. Yeah pastepin works too! I just use github because I've used it in the past. And I believe so! I don't know why it wouldn't. Give it a try and let me know.
  4. Hello again friends! Today I will give a tutorial on how to create a payload that executes under 10 seconds and gives you a fully functioning meterpreter shell back to your kali linux machine. This is done under 20 lines of script. It's quite simple and works on any Windows machine with Powershell installed (Windows 7 and above comes preinstalled with this). I tested this first on my Windows 10 machine and works like a charm, fully undetected by antivirus since it writes the script to memory, not to the disk. Let's begin shall we? Step 1: Fire up Kali Linux and open a terminal. And using
  5. Well yeah, yours has persistence and a lot of other parameters. Which is easily done through powershell! Mines a very simple and basic one! Great script by the way.
  6. Hello friends! Today I am going to show you a very simple 11 line USB Rubber Ducky Keylogger hack using powershell! Super simple. What this does is it starts a powershell as a hidden window, so the actual application will not be visible on the taskbar. Only through the Task Manager. Then it downloads a simple script from github into memory, then executes the keylogger command. The second to last line, after "-LogPath" input the location you want it to place the keylog file. And the "-Timeout" command is how many minutes you want to command to run. Here is the code: DELAY 500
  7. Once I deploy the LAN Turtle, SSH into it using my own VPS, is it possible to run my own custom python scripts using the LAN turtle terminal. For example: I write my own python keylogger script and SCP it onto my LAN Turtle. Is there a way to run this? I'm unsure if this will work as this is connected via ethernet, not necessarily a normal USB stick. Thanks for your time.
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