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  1. Thanks for the idea. So what dongle do you recommend to use for the Tetra?
  2. Oh okay thanks. I'm connected via USB C to a Nexus 6p.
  3. Clients connected do not show what SSID they are connected to as well as the Hostnames. Also I am using a Nexus 6p and the Tetra doesn't stay connected to it after a couple minutes.
  4. Would like to know how to add some code to my evil portal so that after the victim enters the credentials it fails and has to enter them again. Once they enter it the second time it allows them through. The purpose is to get two log files of the credentials in case they had a typo.
  5. Im having the same issue and havent found a solution in the forums. Please help!
  6. Hey how were you able to get it into DFU mode? I also followed the Tutorial but I cant get it into DFU mode to complete the tutorial. Please help!
  7. I have the same problem. Did you find a solution?
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