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  1. So I've discovered that the red LED lights up when no SD card is in as well now. Still not being recognized in the OS...anyone got any sugesstions?
  2. dbox


    Interesting, mine doesn't light up red without the SD cards unless I press the button while inserting..
  3. dbox


    Didn't see this. I just posted essentially the same issue in anther thread. Same deal - Just got it in the mail the other day and can't seem to get dfu mode to work. Does your LED light up a solid red when you press the button while inserting?
  4. I should also state by "recognized" I mean I don't see it in the device managers either as a atmel device (or anything for that matter)
  5. Hi All, I'm fairly new to the rubber ducky scene and checked the rest of the forum to see if I could find the answer but couldn't.. I'm trying to put my ducky into DFU mode and when I press the button and insert the USB the LED turns a solid red and doesn't seem to be recognized. Same issue in Win10, OSX, and Kali. Ducky-flasher doesn't seem to see it either. Is the red LED normal behaviour when in dfu mode? Am I missing a step maybe someone could help with?
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