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  1. The nano has WLAN1, which does all your sniffing & injection. WLAN0 serves as both the radio for your PineAP spoofed APs and also provides a management AP to wirelessly manage the pineapple. There is a usb port on the nano which you can use for a 3rd wireless card/dongle - this one is best used in client mode, so this is the one you would use to connect your nano to the internet via a public hotspot.
  2. Thanks LDN, I saw the update and applied it tonight, problem solved :)
  3. I am weephatz (Neil) Favorite Game: Kerbal Space Program Favorite OS: Debian Favorite Console: PuTTY (I know, I'm hilarious) Nationality: Irish Accent: Irish Sex: Male Age: 35 Race: Caucasian Height: 5'7" Build: Average Status: Dad/Husband/IT Support for family & friends Favorite Band: Propagandhi Favorite Book: American Gods Favorite Author: Terry Pratchett Favorite Movie: Not into movies much, anything scary Favorite TV Show: Meh, dont watch much tv Favorite Comedian: Bill Hicks Other Hobbies: Building rockets, robots etc with my son Car: nope Occupation: Network Engineer for a top tier backbone ISP
  4. Just to update... I just got my nano, it's my first pineapple, so I can't say if it worked prior to 1.1.1 (update as I was setting up) I tried the tests and all were successful, so I'd take your point that proves the functionality of PineAP The issues I'm left with are deauth only working through Site Survey and clients going straight back to the original AP (ignoring the spoofed SSID) after deauth. I'd accept this is likely end user stupidity on my part as I'm new to pineapples, I'll figure these out on my own. Thanks for the help.
  5. Can I add my name to the list here... Running a Nano on 1.1.1 with PineAP v1.3 Testing with client device in the same room as the Nano and the genuine AP several rooms away: Deauth is completely ineffective on PineAP (even with multiplier set to 9), works fine on Site Survey Client will consistently return to the genuine AP irrespective of how aggressive I set the PineAP Hoping this gets sorted soon, a MITM device that can't get itself in the middle is not much use
  6. OK, sorry I think I get it now So without that 3rd radio, you have one acting as monitor and the other as your AP. So without the 3rd you can only forward traffic to the internet via cable. Apologies, I hadn't really thought through the functionality of each radio. Much appreciated :)
  7. OK, apologies if I'm misunderstanding here, but the hakshop says: NANO Tactical Elite: NANO Tactical, plus RaLink RT5370 (Tertiary WiFi Radio) & 90 degree in-case 500 mW antenna upgrade. So is that not a third physical radio? I get that you can split one physical interface/radio into multiple logical units/vlans, but that is done in software, so could be (and I assume is) done on the nano basic model. So what advantage does the addition of the Ralink bring?
  8. Hi, Just signed up and started reading about the nano. Payday in a few days, trying to decide which option to go for. I think I read one of the nano options comes with a tertiary radio. I was wondering what sort of uses that would have? To my mind you can have 1 radio acting as PineAP, one as a client to an internet facing AP (to forward the PineAP clients to). So what would people typically use the 3rd radio for? The only thing that comes to mind for me is maybe for management access; so you could wirelessly access the pineapple without putting your footprint on the target network.
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