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  1. well apparently I cant edit my posts but I was running 1.0.6 not 1.0.4
  2. @LDN_Pineapple I was up and running with 1.0.4, sure I was having some issues with Recon hanging but nowhere near the issues I'm having now. I mean now when I SSH into the pineapple and issue the ls command nothing comes up? I have never had this issue before and googling around I haven't see anyone else having these issues yet... I have been teaching myself this as I go along so I'm definitely not an expert by any stretch of the imagination but I'm having better luck running two alpha cards and leaving my pineapple at home, so for now I will be downgrading firmware myself until the next release or seeing if anyone else has a workaround for now.
  3. Good Morning all, I have upgraded to the new Codename Buffalo Bulldozer release and have been running into some issues using PineAP. With the settings as Allow Associations, Log Probes, Log Associations, PineAP Daemon: Enabled, Capture SSIDs to Pool, Beacon Response and Beacon Response Interval set to Aggressive I have not been able to get clients to connect as before with the previous release, before these settings would work flawlessly and any device not connected to wifi but beaconing would be added to the SSID Pool and connected as a client. Now I am unable to get any automatic associations, matter of fact for the last two days I have been working with the new firmware I have yet to get any ( I have three devices set up probing right next to the Pineapple). It doesn't even seem to be reading the Probes but sporadically and even then its two at max. Just wondering if anyone else is having these issues? Also the Save active config as default dose not seem to be working as before, with the same settings annotated above every time I start up the NANO PineAP is Disabled... The previous version fired right up into the settings I needed. Thanks in advance for the support Oh and not to pile too much into one post but I have had the Recon hang at 100% again, I hope these issues are user error lol since the release directly addressed this issue.
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