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  1. I was just playing with my Rubber Ducky yesterday recreating the exploit from 2 Second Password Hash Hack - Hak5 2102 and was wondering if it is possible to run Impacket's SMBServer or something similar from a LANTurtle?
  2. I know that I can set a nano to serve as an AP and connect to an OpenVPN server (been watching the Hak5 channel lately). My question is can the nano connect to a wireless network and serve as an AP both at the same time. Example... Connect the Nano to a hotel public WiFi network and have my phone connect to an AP that I serve from the nano? TIA for any input.
  3. Just checked all of the different FWs in https://github.com/hak5darren/USB-Rubber-Ducky/tree/master/Firmware, but was wondering if there is a description of each of the different FWs anywhere?
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