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  1. I'm sure you have had this question asked many times in the past, but is it/would it be possible for an owner of a rubber ducky to update the SPI Protocol on their own to allow for faster speeds in a TwinDuck setup or is it a concrete set part of the device. I understand that the upgrade would cost a bit just wondering if it's possible.
  2. @Just_Another_Node I have pushed an update there was a small bit of the CSS that was being overtaken by the preset element.style functions in the base html file I have corrected that.
  3. I will take a look at it and push an update as soon as I'm done and let you know
  4. That was a thought of mine however when it comes to code I can analyze and break stuff down but writing it myself is still a problem for me. I think this could be arranged I have been looking in the possibilities of implementing reCaptcha into my EvilPortal page to allow for a timing buffer and give the page a more legitimate look. If I get it working I will be sure to post it up and let people take their turns breaking it down and making it better.
  5. Thanks @barry99705 if there are any major UI changes I'll try to keep this as up to date as possible just in case Seb tries to through me a curve ball again and hard codes in text color to the HTML lol...
  6. One way top stop your home network from being added is do a Recon Scan and then add it to the SSID Filtering list in Deny Mode and it will keep unwanted networks from being added to the Pool.
  7. @RobinTheKayOh I have submitted a Bug Report for the Help Module issue you brought up and Sebkinne is working on the PineAP issues today and an update through Module Manager should be available later on today.
  8. Sorry missed that part but, the Pineapple format fuction uses 1GB of the card for Swap space
  9. @hackattack - Did you use the Format SD function under the Advanced options?
  10. FW-1.0.2 Sanity Check If you add a list of SSIDs to the PineAP Pool and then try to remove the 1st SSID from the list going down through the individual SSID remove feature it will remove the entire list and will not allow the list to be repopulated with the other SSIDs until you do a full Pool clear. How to reproduce: Manually add or allow PineAP to add more then 1 SSID to the PineAP Pool Select the first SSID in the list going down so that it is populated in the blow field for ADD/REMOVE Select to Remove the SSID and the entire list will be cleared You can re-ADD the selected SSID and remove it however the other SSIDs cannot be re-added until you select "Clear SSID Pool" from the SSID Pool Dropdown. Has anyone else run into this?
  11. So I know we all have our own little tweaks and CSS magic that we may or may not perform on our Pineapples, but I welcome all that have their own interesting customizations to share. I am new to the community as a owner with the Nano being my first piece of hardware but have been following the Pineapple and it's community for years... \*Not Stalkerish at All*\... I posted a few pictures of my CSS trial by fire magic that I have been working on in another thread and would like to thank Darren for sorta spawning it's naming idea. ***New Update for Firmware 1.0.2/3*** Github Link Here If you have any questions please feel free to ask below or even share your own CSS schemes. A few images of what the CSS color scheme looks like in action through the different Module pages: (I have not loaded any of the HTML or Img files to the github only the CSS file for the color scheme.)
  12. For your view and using pleasure: https://github.com/Havenbreaker/1337_mode
  13. You can Pair a GPS module with the the Nano and Kismet and make pretty Google Maps layouts of APs on your War-driving/walking/hiking endeavors
  14. @darren I just got the mobile render to play nicely with the "dark "1337 mode"" shrinking and enlarging my desktop browser in emulator mode to get the different CSS to kick off was "fun" per say...
  15. @audibleblink I have been messing with the CSS for the past few weeks and that visible background has been bugging the heck out of me thanks for pointing out that format line I finally have all my CSS running in a fairly streamline format minus a few borders here and there... Ok ok I know I have a little bit to much of a Hitman liking but hey it works and for me the Red on Black is a lot easier to read and deal with for extented periods of time then the bright white...
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