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  1. Yes it's active. I think it is necessary to receive the probes?!
  2. Hi, sometimes i get a connection from a client. Here the Probe: Request from c0:bd:d1:37:fc:4e for SSID '86588486180856258272' Here the Associations: c0:bd:d1:37:fc:4e trying to associate with '86588486180856258272' The strange is, i dont activated the PineAP Daemon. No Send Beacon Responses, no Harvest SSIDs and no Dogma. The Client connect to the SSID '86588486180856258272' but i dont send this SSID. I dont understand this. Can someone explain me this? Thanks!
  3. Hello, i use the firmware version 2.4.0 and want to connect my iPhone with iOS 9.1 with the SSID of my home wifi. In my test environment i leave my home, start the PineAP with source default, target is the mac of my iPhone an SSID is the SSID of my home wifi. The MarkV is in the wired client mode an have a internet connection. On my iPhone i see the Wifi, but the iPhone won't automatically connect to this. Why? If i manual click to connect, i works, but why no automatically? Thanks for helping me!
  4. Hello, i have, without a modem, 3 physical adapter. Two Wifi and one ethernet. Wich one is to connect to the Internet? Wich one is for connecting the clients? Futher, i dont understand the sense of the Network -> Wired -> Classic and Client Mode and the Client Mode for wlan1. Thanks for helping me.
  5. Hallo, I've seen a couple of instructions and videos, but I have a few questions yet. My MK5 is connected via Wi-Fi with my router and I have an Internet connection. Now I activate the iPhone hotspot and connect my laptop with it. In Recon mode, I see my hotspot and connected client. MK5 Karma, Probes and Associations is active. PineAP Deamon, Send Beacon Responses, Harvest SSIDs and dogma is active. So how do I simulate my hotspot with this information? Should I do this manually under Network -> Open Access Point? Or should I use PineAP Configuration -> General Source and Target do? Many thanks for your help!!
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