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  1. RT @elonmusk: About time to unveil the D and something else http://t.co/qp23yi59i6

  2. RT @ericbaize: Fighting #Ebola looks like an IT security job:1) Full immunization is unrealistic2) Plan for the worst3) Detect early to …

  3. RT @Overflowsec: OSCP Review - Eagle11: Finally I am among those who can write this review and say “I did it!"It has b... http://t.co/FmrWy…

  4. RT @CluelessSec: Hi u dont have robots.txt file so google indexed all ur sekret pages!Hi u have robots.txt file so attacker can see all u…

  5. RT @sibartlett: Woah, OS X Yosemite is now pushing FileVault disk encryption by default!

  6. RT @TheColonial: @Viss @geeknik I agree, but it's something that we should be able to deal with. If something is clearly out of scope, don'…

  7. The personal savings site has been down since Friday :( @AmericanExpress

  8. RT @mubix: Obvious but worth saying: #shellshock has a ton of attack vectors but only one thing you need to patch. Wish all vulns were this…

  9. RT @jeremiahg: And it just so happens #Shellshock falls under item #1 (A1-Injection) on OWASP Top Ten (2013): http://t.co/ou1a3A6Fnk

  10. Talk accepted @BASConf 2014. Excited and nervous at the same time to speak for the first time with my awesome team. #basc2014

  11. RT @EMCcorp: We are investigating GNU #bashbug to identify potential impact to EMC-RSA products. Stay updated at http://t.co/S2iNZPNHTG #sh

  12. RT @Magoo: Survival guide for a large breach or internet vulnerability. Should apply to the next one, too. #shellshock https://t.co/URti1kl…

  13. Good to see so many @isro scientists being IIT alumni. Shows that the IITians are one of the best engineers in the world.

  14. RT @msuiche: What's that bash bug everybody is talking about ? I can't reproduce it. #shellshock http://t.co/9ugcHCzt4e

  15. RT @OSVDB: We've seen three names and two logos for the bash vuln today. New rule? Researcher gets to name/logo, not the community.

  16. Reported a CSRF to MSOBB. Hopefully, not a dupe! #bugbounty

  17. RT @josh_triplett: 15-year-old bash security bug: bash runs commands from any env var:x='() { :;};payload' bashSSH_ORIGINAL_COMMAND, HTT…

  18. Now that @MarsOrbiter has reached the orbit of Mars, the @isro website can really do with an upgrade. So freaking slow and ancient :(

  19. RT @MarsCuriosity: Namaste, @MarsOrbiter! Congratulations to @ISRO and India's first interplanetary mission upon achieving Mars orbit.

  20. Nice article by @AdobeSecurity showing that implementing secure coding doesn't always hamper s/w development - http://t.co/3LCbYyJGpb #swsec

  21. RT @travisrhodes: Today we launch the new Microsoft Online Services Bug Bounty, launching first with Office 365 Services. http://t.co/e7d08…

  22. Brilliant article on benefits of doing a #SCR (Source Code Review) - http://t.co/FRXmK8r2z1 … by @3SLabs #appsec #swsec

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