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  1. RT @mhmdiaa: Here are the slides for my @bugbounty_world talk: https://t.co/8MiuY4lLR7

  2. @DanielMiessler Thats precisely why I built Kubebot. A framework where you can bring any tool you like

  3. RT @Kris__Nova: Containers and Kubernetes is a technical investment. We see high adoption because of the wisdom behind it, not because of i…

  4. @Random_Robbie sort -u xyz.txt

  5. @ngalongc Good job! I’m curious to know the number of hours you spent on a daily basis to find these? Also, did you… https://t.co/PCG6ySsHsE

  6. RT @MisterCh0c: When you ask the barber to go $crypto on you https://t.co/x29cHxiJWg

  7. RT @valarauca1: How a mutex works https://t.co/TwFLAVs2yd

  8. RT @IntuitBrad: Thankful for the time I had with @geoffcolvin sharing what made @Intuit #8 on @FortuneMagazine’s Future 50: https://t.co/me…

  9. I will be at CodeMonsters in Sofia, Bulgaria next week presenting #Kubebot @CodeMonstersPro #Docker #Kubernetes #Security #Automation

  10. @conikeec Great news Chetan :) Congratulations!

  11. @NahamSec @vhssunny1 @nullcon @goa lmao, please ignore my question :/

  12. @StegoPax So, please try now with abhartiya/tools_gitallsecrets:v4. The orgOnly flag should work!

  13. @its_a_lisa @SushiDude True that. Thanks for running this poll. Good to know where you stand every once in a while :)

  14. RT @s7ephen: "Impregnable perimeter defense" "Unhackable" "Tested by the best minds in the industry." https://t.co/HL2IV1DPG5

  15. @StegoPax I will take a look at it..it should work. I am traveling right now so will be a tad bit late following up

  16. RT @iIovecities: two different worlds, new york, usa https://t.co/FjpiLUrLGG

  17. @fr330wn4g3 Thanks!

  18. @mhmdiaa yes hopefully I can get this done today. Thanks for the feedback and the discussion :)

  19. @twittersecurity @twitter https://t.co/BCSDqYdMYW and https://t.co/IETdhbww7H seem to be the same person who is abusive. Can you check plz?

  20. @martenmickos that's not always the case. many times, they tag bugs as duplicate. imagine a bug being dupe after 6 months.

  21. @Uday_infosec https://t.co/D22HFX15bV

  22. Its always nice when @Bugcrowd payday is on the friday before the long weekend! https://t.co/nNayGrqAmW

  23. RT @BugBountyHQ: I thought I would follow up on my last tweet with more information - https://t.co/v8Qc07Xy9I

  24. RT @ericbaize: EMC is hiring product security engineers to augment its security testing team in Bangalore, India: https://t.co/Npibvb4PKm #…

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