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  1. @aditya_gujar LOL

  2. @googlefiber @googlefiberhelp @verizonfios will you ever come to San Diego?

  3. @abhijeth lol this is hilarious!

  4. @irsdl If you don't disclose the amount on your blog, it still gets reported to the IRS. So, how does it really matter?

  5. @twitt3raccnt @michielprins @jobertabma Ah, okay. So, its not me still dreaming about Vegas. Thanks!

  6. @phwd @ITSecurityguard LOL

  7. @Bitquark ha! Very nice. See you in Vegas soon :)

  8. @IAmMandatory @infosec_au Was that one of your common goals? :D

  9. @taviso Have you looked at 1Password yet?

  10. @ITSecurityguard @aboul3la @seanmeals @emgeekboy not sure whats going on then. How many threads do you use?

  11. @abhijeth https://t.co/7yG5Rt1fyT

  12. @lcamtuf Id love to see AFL fuzz APIs. Web scanners dont do a good job with them

  13. @filedescriptor awesome!!

  14. A Framework for Automated Security Testing that is Scaleable and Asynchronous built on Microservices - https://t.co/fi1JacW1yJ #infosec

  15. RT @zamosta: Physics is awesome. https://t.co/HEXsnYJJ77 https://t.co/EuoZJ47ipz

  16. Looking to hire some external pentesters for a few weeks specializing in OpenStack, Docker, Tupperware, Mesos, golang #infosec any leads?

  17. RT @HenrikJohansen: SecOps: Pluggable Security Infrastructure at Scale "https://t.co/4gsvE8MLYc"

  18. @ibrahim_mosaad would love to read how you found it via afl. planning to blog?

  19. @punitsoni ive been a very happy paid customer of @1Password. Highly recommend it. They also have a history of not being vulnerable

  20. Blogged!! Dockerizing the LAIR Framework - https://t.co/WRZqlnQAi3 @_tomsteele #docker #lair #infosec

  21. @aditya_gujar https://t.co/lUrsXYaA70

  22. @chereamieyacht I sent you guys an inquiry about renting Chere Amie. Can you please get back to me with a quote?

  23. RT @EMCcorp: Congratulations to EMC’s new EVP and CFO, Zane Rowe- welcome to the team! http://t.co/AMXSFBxT0j

  24. RT @cnnbrk: JPMorgan says hackers got info on more than 80 million account holders this summer. http://t.co/zrM9jUmsed

  25. RT @krangarajan: Video of my talk about Proactive Application Security last weekend at #DerbyCon: https://t.co/yJLxOTZsFL. Feedback always …

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