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  1. Oh then I guess it should be fine if I use the concierge service from borderlinx.. basically they'll use a local credit card with matching billing address and all with the PO box address. I sure hope that works :( damn I ended up buying two AP121Us just to turn them into a couple of mkIVs
  2. It should get refunded, did you use borderlinx's concierge payment service? If not it'll be refunded :/ Hmm what really puzzles me is if shipping the product over is really illegal. Can I have a relative buy it for me and ship it over to Singapore on their account since it complies with all IDA standards?
  3. Hi according to IDA guidelines, the wifi pineapple can be legally shipped here since it does not broadcast at any of the restricted frequencies and its technically just a router. One thing I have not tried is to request for a concierge service from borderlinx.
  4. Hi, is there a way to fix this? I have the same bug as everyone else.
  5. If not I could always link it via Ethernet to another portable router but that would be quite troublesome. I'll see if I can use it with my tp link 821n.
  6. Alright, I hope it wont run out of memory during operations, heard that 32mb is pretty much sufficient for the mk IV. Is it possible to connect an external wifi usb dongle to the AP121U and use it for client mode?
  7. Is there a way to edit the swapon space and expand it to 64mb since the space is unused anyway. Edit: I just bought another AP121U from ebay. Haha the reason why I didn't buy the wifi pineapple mkV instead was because it can't be shipped to a PO box and they couldn't ship it over to Singapore. Yeah, they gave me a refund :( but I really do appreciate their efforts for finding out if they could deliver it to Singapore.
  8. Hi, I know this topic had been discussed repeatedly and is probably outdated now. But I'd like to know if the 64mb version works fine with the latest wifi pineapple 2.8.1 and 3.0.0. I recently bought an AP121U from ebay and I fear I might have purchased the wrong model. Based on this thread, I hear that you can't flash the wifi pineapple directly onto an empty chip? If so, will these two tutorials here and here help with that? Oh and are all ebay retailers selling 64mb AP121Us now? Thanks! P.S I have a serial cable and I've done flashing via uboot before, just wondering if an 'empty' AP121U chip contains at least a uboot firmware running inside.
  9. I'll try it again, hmm I shouldn't be tampering with the landing page (index.php) located in the dnsspoof tab right?
  10. Yup I've tried that, but it could only redirect non-secured webpages. I'm trying to get it to work like the piratebox where all webpages will be redirected to piratebox main page. It also automatically opens up a webpage when a user is connected to it via wifi. Oh, I'm currently running version 2.x, will the evil portal infusion give that effect?
  11. Hi guys, just wondering if its possible to set up a captive portal using dns spoof by spoofing all URLs t redirect to index.php. I'm trying to create something like the random roll infusion where all connected users will be redirected to a local webpage. I also hope it has the same effect as an actual captive portal in which a notification will pop up notifying the user to 'log in' whenever he/she is connected to the network. Thanks!
  12. Haha! That was a good one oh I meant to ask if it will arrive by next week at my US post address since shipping locally(in the US) takes about a few days via USPS. I've set up a borderlinx account to have it shipped over to Singapore once the package arrives at my assigned US address. Status still shows unfulfilled currently, I'm eagerly waiting haha.
  13. Oh will it ship by next week in the US or international?
  14. I guess I'll have to wait for some time then :/ Thanks for the reassurance.
  15. Oh alright, ah that is understandable. Thanks, but do you think they will ship within 1 to 3, sorry for being impatient but I kinda need it for a school project
  16. Hi guys, I've recently purchased the Wifi Pineapple mark V, just wondering how long it takes to process the order? :/ I know its listed on the website and all but I've not received any emails from hak5 regarding my previous inquiries about shipment to Singapore. I had to use bordernlinx to forward the mail. Does anyone have the same experience with hak5shop? Thanks!
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