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  1. ok , so basically I should load the script in order to identify if the system is 32 or 64 bit in and once connected to the usb I trigger the black button on the ducky , right? do you guys have an hint , or is it possible to find the script with a search on the internet? I guess the first shot will be to know if it is 32 or 64 bit , the next time I am going to load the appropriate script for an ssh connection. Apologize , it's just my very first time with the rubber ducky
  2. Hey guys, I want to quickly explain the scenario: I will be seated in front of a desktop , which utilize a window OS but I don't know the version of it.... I will have no keyboard , only the possibility to stick up the Ducky. So I am trying to understand if despite not knowing the OS I could break into the system and have a remote access later. The questions are: Is it possible without a keyboard? Which script should I load? Thanks
  3. Thank you so much! The article is detailed and I will read the part 2 of it, the pdf was very accurate and complete. And the link to the vodafone booster is interesting. I saw this little baby right here: http://www.interceptors.com/intercept-solutions/detects-parameters-3G-networks.html It will probably be expensive and probably they will not sell to non-gov users , but I wonder if these features can be emulated with an "home made" one: Automatically scans and detects parameters of all 3G networks Detects all 3G phones and collect all their identities (IMSI, IMEI and TMSI) Displays phone model, country of origin and name of network provider Measures distance to all 3G phones with accuracy of less than 30 m Selectively force only target’s phones to migrate to GSM mode. Rest of the phones stays in 3G-mode. Being pushed into GSM mode, 3G phones stay there until reboot. It makes possible interception of such phones by GSM passive interception systems. Active systems, after finishing interception, can send them back to 3G-mode. Selectively blocks communication of 3G target’s phones. I found some triple band signal repeater that should do better than femtocells , it receive gsm-3g-4g : http://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/triple-system-signal-repeater-F20B-GDW-_495044108.html This should definitely be the best quality/price for a coverage of about 2 square kilometers , I will check If will be possible to come out with a professional-like set up for interceptions.
  4. what a pity, The overall idea was nice... I guess you will create something better then
  5. It is creepy indeed and hard to believe , but afterall Snowden set that and... is not even too complicate: The US National Security Agency lifted sensitive information from targeted computers even if they were offline, the New York Times reported, citing information provided by whistleblower Edward Snowden. The report alleges the NSA was capable of accessing information offline after it had placed minute circuit boards or USB cards - which did not rely on an internet connection - into around 100,000 computers. It then used radio waves to transmit data. It looks like some SIM card attached to some mini electronic device that read and broadcast datas trough radio frequencies. The good thing is that it have to be manually installed in order to work before you buy it. I don't think they have targeted everybody... but of course this could be the beginning of a new standardization in the near future , who knows ...
  6. If you capture traffic (either live or tcpdump) you most likely don't obtain nothing due to the fact that most of the time devices falling with karma are mobile phones that use specific apps like facebook or google! So the best target is a laptop.... but!!!.... Most of the laptops will never leave their houses , and being never connected to a unencrypted network they will never fall with karma! So here are the everyday scenarios: You get a lot of mobile device outside, but you can't see shit. You scan for laptop with point to point but they won't fall for karma. .....?????? except for some very , very lucky case where a laptop is used in a public spot .... is pretty much useless If a gap will be spottet in the ios-android apps , then pineapple will come to new life... If pineapple is able to be in wep-wpa-wpa2 spoof the probe request and accept the client whatever it send for password... then will become a great tool , if both even better! But is time to face the actual reality , no big deal.
  7. And if we really want to get into paranoia , here: Offline? Doesn't Matter. The NSA is Still Watching...Read more: http://www.independentlivingnews.com/privacy/safe-web-surfing/20945-offlinea-doesnt-matter-the-nsa-is-still-watching-.stml#.U40EllPLcdw#ixzz33Wi73DTi
  8. Thanks a lot Cooper for the opensbsc website , didn't knew it. I will probably make a test in future , even if I have to say that I am a little worried about the eventual complexity of properly setting the software , and the effective interception capabilities. If someone does this experiment before me , please post some info/photos here!
  9. Hello everyone: I saw this article on wired , I am really curious to know if it is possible to reproduce the experiment and have a clear idea of which hardware and software are needed for this experiment: http://www.wired.com/2010/07/intercepting-cell-phone-calls
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