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  1. I think you are plenty young! i am a lot older than that and started not to long ago! You are never to old to learn!
  2. I burned MINT on a CD and booted it up that way if you want to dual boot then i used rEFIt to accomplish the task.
  3. hi all, i have a laptop that has kali linux as the OS and i have the Mark V connected to the laptop via Ethernet cable and have the latest firmware update for the Pineapple as well. My laptop is connected to my houses wireless AP. Today i recieved my ALFA awus036NHA wireless adapter card. i plugged it into the back of the Pineapple in the USB port in the back and the LED on the ALFA card does not turn on... so i know this means that there is no power going into the ALFA card... how do i fix this? please help! thanks,
  4. Just make sure what you are hacking has been approved by someone and you have it in writing! Make a lab at home and just practice
  5. yes that is what i did OSX and Kali Linux on one of my macbooks :)
  6. i have a older macbook as well and i installed Linux Mint and it worked GREAT!
  7. choppin32


    Does anyone have recommendations?
  8. choppin32


    Hi all, Is there a guide to teach me all the ssh commands for the Pineapple and its Infusions? thanks for your time Choppin 32
  9. What i did was in KARMA put my MAC address on the blacklist and power off my Pineapple then power on and it seems to be working now....... BUT as far as your sslstrip problem i am not sure I'm sorry. :(
  10. Karma Log - Refresh Log - Clear Log Hi,In my KARMA Log i see that my laptop (don-meads-MBP *) is on the list.... is this supposed to be like this? or did i KARMA myself? and if i did how do i stop this?Also i blacklisted the mac address assoicated to (don-meads-MBP *) and it is still at the top of the log (shown below)1400940531 44:ad:d9:57:27:f1 RLDP *1400939982 f4:37:b7:76:ae:f8 iPhone 01:f4:37:b7:76:ae:f81400938899 e4:98:d6:55:e1:d8 Dons-iPhone 01:e4:98:d6:55:e1:d81400937340 00:26:4a:0e:58:18 don-meads-MBP *IP address HW type Flags HW address Mask Device172.16.42.225 0x1 0x2 44:ad:d9:57:27:f1 * br-lan172.16.42.216 0x1 0x2 e4:98:d6:55:e1:d8 * br-lan172.16.42.42 0x1 0x2 00:26:4a:0e:58:18 * br-lan
  11. keep on searching there is a lot of information out there! also try youtube it has vids on there. Make sure that you have Permission to do these things with the Pineapple! If you don't it can result in you getting into Legal trouble!
  12. yes i had the same issue as well last night and had to do it manually as well and it worked GREAT! thanks for the easy instructions!!
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