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  1. Hi I've connected to the xxxxx_man Wifi channel on the Pineapple in the beleif that I need to do this to access the management GUI. My client (Androind Phone has been given an IP address of: I've scanned the subnet (, there is no sign of the Pineapple's IP address - how can I find out what it is ? Looking at the Phone, it is going straight to my LAN gateway ( - that's my main router. But I'm connected to the Pineapple's xxxx_man Wifi channel. Confused....
  2. Darren, Any idea as to when those cables will be in stock - I keep checking, and they're always reported as out of stock. Thanks
  3. Subscribe to Security Now podcast: http://twit.tv/sn
  4. Does windows report the network cable as "unplugged" ? As if nothing is connected at all. If so, this sounds very similar to an issue that I had with my first Pineapple Mk V - I got a replacement. If not, can you at least "ping" ?
  5. Have you manually set you laptop IP Address ? ( Static LEDs are correct in Recovery mode (though I forget which one;s).
  6. My Pineapple has never been happy mounting SD cards. The supplied one never mounted. A replacement Mk10 will now not mount (mounts fine everywhere else), formatted etx4. How do I investigate this (/var/log/ only has a web log in it). NB: Upgraded to 1.4.1
  7. ISTR the supplied SD cards were low quality and a Mk10 was recommended. Also, it may will have an old firmware version on it. Both from personal experience.
  8. Ok, jokes, "loading icon", "Busy indicator", "Carrots" aside. I'm plagued by the entropy bunny rather than the GUI screen being fully presented. Normally he hangs around for a few seconds. But sometimes (like now) he sits there endlressly - well 20 minutes and counting. The only thing that is going to get rid of it is a reboot, but a device that needs rebooting every few page navigations isn't that useful :-( There is no SD card (well I reformatted it ext4 as prompted by the recent 1.2.0 update), but atlas, it's no longer visible / mounted (as has been the case for most of its life). I don't know if this is a card issue or a SD card slot h/w issue, but it has been ropey from day 1 (indeed I had to use a different card to that supplied just to get a flash install - but that was a good job, as there was an out of date firmware on the one supplied). In the old days it was I/O that generated entropy - perhaps that is still the case, perhaps the lack of working SD card is affecting the amount of I/O and this entropy. I had expected that I might get an intelligent answer hereabouts, but no, "Feed it carrots" - from the very person threatening to ban me! Well, just keep those unhelpful comments to yourself, eh.
  9. So it sounds like it is all working ok, you get the mgmt console, the lights show power good and wifi activity. What's not happening that you expect to be happening (I have re-read your original post, but couldn't understand what your "fault" is...
  10. Well, I'm serious about entropy bunny as my first Pineapple once got to the point where he appeared and wouldn't go away until a reboot, so now I'm nervous when he appears. Often it's only a second or two, but sometimes (still) it's like 5+ seconds, and I think uh-oh. As to Linux concept, I (vaguely) remember there being issues with some Linux distros / configurations whereby they didn't generate enough entropy (could have been device related activity that was feeding it) and thus it would "run dry". The solution was either to ensure that you had sufficient device i/o, or to change the configuration for some device (/dev/random ?), the latter meant that you might not have such good quality "randomness" within your system - which itself could be a problem for a server that as a result might not generate good quality keys. Ok, this latter issue might not be so much of a concern for the pineapple, thus, it might be acceptable to configure a different scheme for /dev/random that would keep the bunny away (i.e. produce "more" entropy but at a lower "quality"). I can imaging that with a more limited suite of devices and device i/o that it might be necessary to make compromises to such aspects of system configuration. As to the SD card, it is formatted ext3, is that "properly" ? It is often not mounted (automatically, nor on request) as if it has a problem. But this is not the card that it was shipped with. I couldn't mount that anywhere. I did format it and copy the install files on to it for the very first boot - the only was I could breath life into my Pineapple, as the SD card that it came with seems to be totally dead (it has failed to mount either in the Pineapple, or on a Linux box). On the rare occasions that I do get it to mount, then it shows up as empty (not hving been there to write anything to... HTH
  11. Well most of the time my SD card doesn't even seem to mount, this I consider an improvement on the one that was shipped that I've not been able to mount /anywhere/. I was assuming that the bunny appears when entropy has run dry, and therefore after hints as to how to prevent this from happening. NB: Given the first statement above, infusions have ended up in main storage (if that's a valid concept), as the SD card has not shown up as an install point.
  12. @lilfear1 - It's not clear whether or not you've tried connecting to it ? If so wired and wireless ? NB: Once booted the lights have different meanings - P6 of manual. @Jasonh - I had this and used a different micro sd card, formatted as etx3, files copied from downloads (the one's supplied were out of date anyway!). @907Jesse - Any lights ? Any connectivity, does a wifi scan reveal any APs ? @Ben77 - Have you a different MicroSD card you can try ? NB: I have no association with Hak5. I just like to help. Although I've upset the mods by pointing out that there /might/ be an issue - so it won't be long before I'm banned from these parts.
  13. Often when using the web gui I get the Entropy bunny. Usually only for a few seconds, although he makes me nervous as before now I have simply got stuck on this page. How can I increase the amount if entropy ? MTIA
  14. Ahhh, yes, that was the tip, knowing about the wireless config, also I note the need to run the 'wifi' change. This is now all done in a bash script, for ease of maintenance :-)
  15. Anything in syslog ? I know you said it, but are you 100% sure the local machine wireless doesn't drop and reconnect (my wife's laptop driver used to do this from time to time - when web browsing you didn't notice, but things that help a session open would break :-( Could you try wired, just to be sure ?
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