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  1. Yes, my laptop is set to Just to see, I rebooted the laptop in recovery mode (11110) without unplugging the pineapple. Still no ethernet connection, but all of the lights are on and solid. Curiouser and curiouser...
  2. Thanks for the reply! I did download that firmware and try the 11110 (UUUUD) boot option, but I get solid amber, green and red now. When I connect by ethernet to the laptop, it says "connecting" but never actually connects. In the browser, it says "Google Chrome could not connect to" Phaedrus
  3. Morning All - I've been searching the forum for some guidance, but nothing's worked so far. I hope this is the place for this request. I've been running the MkV for a few months - no issues. Then it had a power failure during a firmware upgrade (laptop plugged in - no battery - small child - sigh) and the MkV looks bricked. Attempt 1: Read the unbrick instructions, grabbed firmware bin, rebooted (UUUUD) - solid green, solid red, no B or A Gave laptop static ip, can't connect via ethernet, no wifi access Attempt 2: Tried reboot and reset (UDDUU) - solid green, flashing RBG - no ethernet connection, no wifi access Am I missing something obvious? Running Mint 17-64 Any help would be great. Thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks for the reply. Do you mean that the wp4.sh script works on the mark 3? I'll try it!
  5. Hi all - Sorry if this is obvious, or has been dealt with already, but can anyone tell me where to download another 'wp3.sh' script? Thanks!
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