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  1. awesome piece of code this i gotta say it works flawlessly with the pineapple. brilliant thanks for glasgow. cheers again
  2. hi guys im also an old age newb here so bare with me i am good with mostly all electronics and will get this in time, i cannot unpin modules or delete /remove them? is it safe to re flash will it come back on like i got in mail? or can u tell me how to re flash it or point me to link to reflash to 2.7.3. i have pineapple version 4 firmware 2.7.0 my karmas not starting either any help appreciated lads (with patience for us old foggies)
  3. Thanks Coolgeek this is what ive been looking for now for a while ive been piddeling along getting by slowly embarressed to ask for help. cheers again mate. brilliant.
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