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Found 21 results

  1. Let's start by saying I am a N00b compared to many of you guys/gals. When my daughter got her Galaxy S3 stolen at school, I started asking myself "What If?" There has to be an easy way to find the MAC addresses of mobile devices around you. I Googled around for an hour or so and found this link http://www.l8ntwifi.com/ . It is a new device offered by a police officer to find stolen devices by MAC address. My first thought, of course, was Jasager should be able to do this easily. What do you guys/gals think? Is there an easier way? Also... Would Jasager stop an iPhone from randomizing the MAC address?
  2. I have a bit of a newb question. I was wondering how I can increase the rows and columns in the CLI on the TTL serial interface on a Mark V Pineapple. I am trying to setup a Xbee/Bluetooth communication backup/main interface for access to the equipment. Thanks
  3. Lately I have been having problems with my wifi pineapple, and I have gotten some help. My problem is that no matter which device I use, I can not connect to my wifi pineapple's ap. If someone is having a similar problem, please post below, and if someone knows how to fix this, it will be a lot of help. Thanks.
  4. Hi all, I have recently got a WiFi pineapple mark v and am trying to get people to connect to it. I have connected the pineapple to my own wifi and have switched karma on. I may be missing something obvious but when I turn wifi off then on again on my phone, hoping it will connect to the wifi pineapple, but it doesn't. It just connects to my home wifi. How do I solve this? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi peep, so im having a litle problem enableing karma to accept any probe request. Once i enable karma i see it get probe request but i dont ever see it associate any of them unless i change my ssid to the ones its searching for is there anyway or what can i do to have kama accept all the probe request.
  6. Hello, I am trying to get Jasager to work on my TP Link Mr3020 running open wrt Adjustment 12.09-rc1, to no avail. I have seen guides like this one by samiux but this isn't what I want. I simply want to install and be able to use Jasager with the web interface alongside the two other websites (using uhttpd multiple ports) on my router. Is this possible or should I follow samiux's guide? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  7. Hi everyone, I just had a couple questions regarding Jasager/Karma and the way it works. Sorry if this is a really stupid question or whatever, I actually did try to find the answers of these questions online, but to no avail. I was able to get everything working on my box, but I'm kind of confused on how Jasager works. I decided to test the Karma function of my WP4. I had already connected to the wifi network of the pineapple directly with my Macbook's wifi and it was working just fine. So to test out the Karma and to see if it really connected me right away to the pineapple, I connected back to my home network, turned off wifi, and turned it back on to see if I would automatically connect with the pineapple, but instead it connected me back to my home network. Why is this? Would it mean that if in a pentesting network, the clients would just connect back right into their previously used network effectively bypassing the pineapple? Would that be the same in other locations too, in which you have already connected into an ssid previously and will it bypass the Karma system? Or is turning off wifi and turning it back on not good enough to get it to switched over to the pineapple? When I did turn it on and off, I saw the karma log from my pineapple and it stated that I had a probe request for every single network I've connected to, including the pineapple, yet it still directly connected to my home network. Any help with clearing this up will be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Edit: And by the way, is there any sort of documentation on this? If anything here is unclear or confusing, please let me know. I'll try to explain it in a different way.
  8. I just wanted to share some video tutorials that I have found very helpful in setting up and administering the WiFi pineapple: Security4Plus I'm not sure if the creator is active on the forums, but I have not seen any links to these tutorials. This resource was indispensable to me for setting up remote administration through a VPS.
  9. Hi Ya'll,So I tried to get some new modules onto my new USB drive. However, when I clicked the "List available Infusions (aka modules)" link, it took a long timethen I saw "The CGI process did not produce any response". I went into my MarkIV module.php page and saw this code: $remoteModules = getRemoteList(); if(trim($remoteModules[0]) == "") echo "<center><font color=red>".$strings["modules-available-error"]."</font></center>"; else drawRemoteModules($remoteModules); With the getRemoteList() being: function getRemoteList(){ $remoteFile = trim(@file_get_contents("http://cloud.wifipineapple.com/index.php?downloads&moduleList")); $modules = explode("\n", $remoteFile); return $modules; } and drawRemoteModules() being: function drawRemoteModules($modules){ global $strings; echo "<table>"; echo "<tr><th>".$strings["modules-table-name"]."</th><span></span><th>".$strings["modules-table-version"]."</th><th>".$strings["modules-table-author"]."</th><th>".$strings["modules-table-description"]."</th><th>".$strings["modules-table-size"]."</th><th>".$strings["modules-table-action"]."</th></tr>"; foreach($modules as $module){ if($module != ""){ $module = explode("|", $module); echo "<tr><td>$module[0]</td><td>$module[1]</td><td>$module[2]</td><td>$module[3]</td><td>$module[4]K</td><td align=right>".downloadLink($module)."</td></tr>\n"; } } echo "</table>"; } I know that CGI error may come from a timeout or a no ouput returned from the script, but looking at the code I don't see anything that would cause any of those conditions. I'm stumped here, do you guys/gals have any ideas? Is anyone else receiving this error?
  10. Hi All, I've done some test at our clients and it seems that Aruba and Cisco devices are unable to detect a rogue Jasager in there network. We first added a Sitecom router to their network which was detected in about 5 minutes. After that we planted the Jasager in there network but they where unable to detect this rogue accesspoint. Are there any techniques in place that prevents Cisco/Aruba devices from detecting the Jasager ? Thanks in advance. Niels
  11. Just written up a quick tutorial on how to compile hostapd-1.0-karma on backtrack 5 r3 I'm by no means a expert, just been messing around with it. comments welcome! http://www.jhaos-theory.co.uk/?p=46
  12. Using karmetasploit is the same as using the Jasager on the WiFi pineapple, right? You use karma in karmetasploit to respond to all probes as soon as WiFi is turned on. The fake access point provided by airbase-ng from the aircrack-ng suite. Is that right? If so I have a question about using airdrop-ng, also from the aircrack-ng suite at the same time as using karmetasploit. My set up is Backtrack 5r3, Alfa Awus036h as my usb wireless card and my laptops internal WiFi card and my own Desktop PC in this case playing the “victim” Both wireless card support packet injection. Everything is up-to-date. In setting everything up I have loaded up Backtrack and connected my internal WiFi card to my own internet access point so I have internet access. I then connect my Alfa Awus036h and set it up as my fake access point which will be used by Karmetasploit. Everything works, using my Desktop PC I am able to connect the fake access point (provided by airbase-ng on Alfa wireless card) and use the internet because my other wireless card is connected to my internet hub. But I would like to use airdrop-ng but I am having some trouble setting up the rules to force my PC to connect to my fake ap. In the allowed rules do I put the bssid of my fake ap so they can connect to it but also do I have to use the bssid of my wireless router so everyone can get internet access. Do I use one or both bssids? How would that look like? I am doing all this from my backtrack machine so when using airdrop I don’t want to lose my connectivity which is providing the internet to the fake ap. I saw Darren using the WiFi pineapple on the “Airport WiFi Challenge” using Jasager and airdrop-ng together. Just wondering how he got them to play nice together - using Jasager (Karma + fake ap) and airdrop-ng while still maintaining internet access
  13. Hey Guys, Sorry to ask stupid questions again but I think I have a problem. I set the pineapple mark IV up to do it's upgrade from 2.4.1(How it was shipped to me) to version 2.7. I started with a power cycle, turned off all services. I checked the resources and had almost 7000 free, downloaded the file, selected it in the update box, pasted in the MD5 and clicked ok. The graphic came up with a bunch of fruit and told me that the pineapple is being upgrade and that it would restart and refresh the page. As per the instructions in the book I figured it would only take 10-15 min. After about 20 the page didn't refresh and I was tired so I said forget it and went to bed. This morning the page had not refreshed and the graphic was still going with the same message that the pineapple was being upgraded and that it would refresh. I clicked to the about section and the pineapple is still at 2.4.1. Any ideas are appreciated. Cheers.
  14. Hey guys, Sorry to be a complete noob about this but I'm stuck. I have spent a lot of time going over the forums and can't find anything to explain what is happening. I recieved my pineapple 2 days ago after a lot of anticipation and couldn't wait to unbox and use it. I have been trying to get access into the UI ever since. I plugged in the pineapple, it lit up on the PWR light, and after a minute the WLAN light started to flash. I connected my computer via ethernet to the WAN/LAN port and waited for my computer to connect. My system is a fully patched Win 7 box. In network connections, the pineapple shows up as a "Unidentified Network" and when I try to go to it tells me that the network is unavailable. I have attempted to ping that IP address and receive no reply. I have also tried a different cable, thinking that maybe the cable was losing connection somehow. I even tried switching to the PoE port thinking that I had that wrong... The Pineapple is broadcasting "pineapple (Last 2 digits of MAC)" and I can connect to it but still cannont access the UI.... As far as indicator lights go, the WLAN is blinking, LAN is off, USB is off, WAN is off, PWR is on, WPS is on. There is nothing connected to the USB port and nothing has been connected to the USB port yet. Is this a brick out of the box or am I missing something? Please tell me I'm not a total noob and that my Pineapple is not dead out of the box... Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  15. [sOLVED!] For those of you having the same problem as me, I fixed it by using the power cable that it was shipped with, rather than the USB power cable. Because I am in the UK, I had to use a shaver to mains adapter. Thanks everyone. Hey guys, me and a friend got our hands on the AP121U via ebay and were hoping to flash them with the Jasager firmware. We followed the guide to the letter and used UART cables to flash the factory binaries onto the devices. However, they enter into a boot loop after resetting them. I can hit 'f' and return to drop into failsafe mode, where we're presented with the following prompt: root@(none):/# I've tried starting dropbear to scp over the Jasager files to /tmp/, but I can't even establish a connection (yeah, I'm using the PoE port). Any ideas would be much appreciated. P.S. I thought it could have been a dodgy AP121U, but my friend's does EXACTLY the same thing as mine.
  16. Hello, I have a Wifi Pineapple Mark II, running on a MR3201A-38NQ router (an OpenMesh Mini router). I wonder if it can be reflashed to Mark III? It has been confirmed in HakShop's Item FAQ page that it can be updated (Mk II > Mk III), (http://hakshop.myshopify.com/pages/item-faq , Q: "Can I flash my Wifi Pineapple II or III to the Mark IV firmware?"), and a link to the forum is provided. However, I couldn't find any post in the forum with a step-by-step explanation. So, maybe you guys could help me where can I find the instructions to do so, and which modules I can use? E.g., which modules from the Kamikaze repository (http://downloads.openwrt.org/kamikaze/8.09.2/atheros/packages/) or the other ones, like sslstrip, jasager etc. can be used? I'm a relative newbie on this topic, so any set of clear and understandable instructions would be appreciated, and I wouldn't like to brick my Wifi Pineapple. While searching for the solution to this issue, I found the following files on the web : https://code.google.com/p/awh/source/browse/#svn%2Ffirmware%2Fv3.0-091101 . How do you think, maybe I could use them to flash my router? Also, before flashing, I would like to back up my Mk II data and configuration. Can it be dumped to the disk on Windows XP with the use of Win SCP and with linux file attributes preserved?
  17. Just thought i would start a discussion on this. I think a drift net module would be pretty cool on the pineapple, then again i have no idea how resource intensive it would be etc. I might look into it as a module one i get some ma 1337 module dev skills! lol but i am thinking that with the use of php and html that this could be very much possible. - Anton
  18. I have started writing up a "current stable" (2.5.0) manual on the wiki, from the book. Please, anyone who can spare 5 minutes, fill in some of the web interface details. I was also planning to include some tutorials for common pineapple configurations.
  19. I see the list of modules on www.wifipineapple.com, but where can I download them? I see in Telot's instructions for sslstrip that he says "opkg update opkg install sslstrip" Is there something comparable for each module that I can opkg within the Pineapple ssh session to get modules? Does the name here http://cloud.wifipineapple.com/index.php?currentModules match the name that I should opkg install? Thanks!
  20. Ho can make the iptable entries in to a startup script for jasager? How do I create 2 scripts, one for WAN port routing and 1 for Android USB Tethering? iptables -A FORWARD -i eth1 -o wlan0 -s -m state --state NEW -j ACCEPT iptables -A FORWARD -m state --state ESTABLISHED,RELATED -j ACCEPT iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o eth1 -j MASQUERADE iptables -A FORWARD -s -o usb0 -j ACCEPT iptables -A FORWARD -d -m state --state ESTABLISHED,RELATED -i usb0 -j ACCEPT iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -s -o usb0 -j MASQUERADE Thnks
  21. Hey All. I'm trying to get my pineapple set up. I am using a macbook pro. Internet sharing is turned on and et to share WiFi with ethernet. The ethernet interface is set to with no gateway/router just as printed in the book. I can connect to the pineapple perfectly fine but cant use the laptops internet connection. I cant ping out, reveal external ip, etc... I tried using Fusion and setting it up through Win7 and Backtrack and get the same result...no internet to the pineapple. Any ideas? Thinking it may be the load, I downloaded 2.5.0 (to my desktop) and successfully flashed it (not over the air, obviously). No luck there...
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