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  1. I'd rather nag for several days than take the 5 minutes.... It's only logical. XD Thanks though.
  2. Does anyone have experience with this??
  3. hmm.... if all else fails, you might want to try a clean flash. A clean flash is the only thing I can guarantee will fix the problem. Do you own a UART? In regards to Network Manager... can you ping google? or is it a Internet Connection Sharing problem. You've got to remember, in order to share internet you have to go to the ICS tab in Network Manager and share from Wlan1 to Wlan0...... You've got to remember to hit save on this everytime you want to ICS after reboot, unless you click the check box that says start on boot. I'm not to sure about wardriveing, but if your looking for networks in airodump, you should be able to see networks by using these commands: airmon-ng airmon-ng start wlan1 airodump-ng mon0 [/CODE]
  4. I'm confused... are you trying to connect to the internet using a external usb wifi card?? Network Manager should work for this... have you set it up right. (see the directions I posted in the network managers forum page in the comment section) If you are just trying to scan for networks... then just use airodump-ng and your wireless interface on mon0.
  5. I was hoping you could do it to specific clients on your network... I think it would be a interesting feature don't you think?? Any tutorials anywhere?? Windows still hasn't fixed it... even with windows 7 and windows 8. (along with other os machines of course).
  6. Anyone have any experience with this?... I would like to replicate it somehow.
  7. Has anyone looked into RA packet flooding and maybe an implementation with the pineapple?? If you don't know what an RA flood is... It pretty much makes any client connected to the network have their computer completely lag out. (from what I believe) Any thoughts on the matter? Demonstration: and at Defcon (skip to 21:30)
  8. Here's where I got mine.... Haven't had a problem with it yet... ( Pigtail is a little long but it fits fine.) http://www.amazon.com/20cm-U-fl-IPEX-RP-SMA-Pigtail/dp/B007XVLO4U/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1349465971&sr=1-1&keywords=20cm+U.fl%2FIPEX+to+RP-SMA+Pigtail+for+Mini+PCIe+Wifi
  9. The new firmware makes it so you have to type "" in order to get to the webui.... It's not "" any more. This might be your problem. Once you type that in, be sure to use "root" for username and "pineapplesareyummy" for the password. :D
  10. More specifically what's the latest redirect.php? I haven't updated in a while.
  11. DNS spoofing with https doesn't work.... Whenever there is a https before the website name, it doesn't redirect. when I type "facebook.com" into google, it redirects... But when I have "https://facebook.com" it doesn't redirect. Is there a way to fix this?? Do I have to sslstrip before DNS spoofing?
  12. Try one of these.... 1) Use airodump-ng to find someone that is already connected to the internet there.... Spoof their Mac address and see if you can use the internet then. 2) Connect to the internet there and broadcast their internet with the pineapple, and direct all your traffic to the landing page...wait for someone else to log in through your pineapple internet.
  13. How do I enable a WEP encryption on the wifi pineapple?? It's for a personal project...
  14. :D .... We just need to make it a little easier to find now... less verbose than it already is. Glad you got it now though. :D
  15. Is there another reliable way to do this without setting off anti-virus??
  16. Post the log file...(make sure it doen't have personal passwords on it) The username and password is after a bunch of jib-jab.... it's close to the end of the file. Do you even see the log file? Can you read it?
  17. I would love for this to be integrated into the current sslstrip.... Also, I'm still waiting to see if anyone has fixed the problem with using a search toolbar like google and any website that you put a "/" at the end. See my previous post:
  18. I'm still waiting to see if anybody fixed the sslstip problem with google toolbar and websites that have "/" at the end of it. Anybody fix this yet?
  19. Hit download first.... then you can view them.
  20. So applet attacks are useless.... Is there a way around AV? If not, there's no point in using it.
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