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  1. Is the social engineering toolkit on the pineapple?? Is anyone working on a module for it? I'm interested in trying out payloads for the first time.....
  2. The instructions are kind of pooy on the tread.... Anyone get this working properly? If so, what exactly can you do with it?
  3. If your sharing internet that requires a load page to use.... Go into it first and log in. Example: I use internet at my school, and I need to log in with password and stuff to use the internet... I have to go to landing page first and log in before I can do anything.
  4. I would also like to learn this as well.
  5. Here's the one I got.... works great! http://www.amazon.com/20cm-U-fl-IPEX-RP-SMA-Pigtail/dp/B007XVLO4U/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1347382185&sr=8-1&keywords=20cm+U.fl%2FIPEX+to+RP-SMA+Pigtail+for+Mini+PCIe+Wifi (p.s.) when removing the hot-glue, it is best to use some rubbing alcohol and some cue tips. It'll come right off, if you dab around the hot-glue.
  6. Hmm.... This is interesting. I like your setup and am very interested in the Odroid-x. In regards to the Pi, are you using pwnpi or something else? I've personally been having speed issues with pwnpi. Since I got robbed a few weeks back, I've been just waiting for my new Pi to come in the mail. Now I'm having regrets that I didn't look into the Odroid-x.
  7. Just a few questions: What wifi adapter are you using? Does your screen load longer than usual when you hit commit? (If it does, you just need to hit refresh on your browser) note: --make sure you check the box allowing the adapter to be enabled before you hit save. --If all works, and your still not getting interenet, you must remember to hit save under ics (every time, unless you say start on boot)
  8. Anyone making a module for this?? or maybe just replace the jammer we have now with this instead.
  9. I'm using the module for sslstrip.... my current version is 2.6.3 Not sure if the module needs to be updated, or something else.
  10. Anyone have any luck with sslstrip? If you're new to this post, there is some issues in regards to sslstrip working from the google sidebar and also when typing in urls with a "/" at the end.
  11. Have you talked to Darren about this?? What's he suppose to do with all the extra manuals he has laying around? All the manuals say
  12. Does this turn the internal wifi into wlan1? If so, this is terrific!! Is there any problems with other modules ect. ??
  13. How would you do this specifically?
  14. Is it possible to use a usb connected wifi dongle as the default access point rather that the internal one in the pineapple? I want to turn the internal wifi antenna into a client and the usb connected wifi dongle into a access point. The reason I want to do this is because I can use a stronger external wifi to broadcast further. I'm looking to have it compatible with the existing modules and stuff as well. Anyone have any thoughts on accomplishing this?
  15. You might want to try a usb cable and not a usb extension cable.
  16. It's easier to post pictures by getting a flikr account and linking to the photos.... The attach files option doesn't allow it to be very large.
  17. I still don't know what to get.... My sma-pigtail's fine by the way.
  18. Make sure you have a usb hub that gets external power as well, otherwise the devices on the hub won't have power.
  19. If you want to destroy yourself lol. Can't imagine carrying that around in a backpack.
  20. The problem is that the modules have to change when you change the port from the config.
  21. I agree, I'm looking for the same thing.... 30 miles is a little much for me. Did you look at this one? http://www.amazon.com/Alfa-designed-increase-performance-Bluetooth/dp/B002BFOCO2/ref=sr_1_66?ie=UTF8&qid=1346637217&sr=8-66&keywords=wifi+booster
  22. Do you know of anything smaller? Maybe 100-200 feet?
  23. I'm not sure about the GND... but yes the Red one.
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