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  1. Ok, I am in the exact same situation. Tried everyting in this thread and no luck. I just received this thing today and all I did was change the root password and then follow the upgrade process BY THE LETTER from the guide book. This is VERY irritating. I have wanted this for quite some time and it took me a very long time to save up the money for it. My original Fon pineapple that I setup according to Darren's original instructions several years ago quit working properly quite some time ago so I was very excited when I heard this had arrived. Now I have to purchase another cable in the hopes that this will fix it?! I am rather dubious; and after the lack of community support I have experienced with my rubber ducky I am disenchanted with these products all together. What are the chances that this cable will fix my issue? Why did this upgrade process fail? Everything was done exactly as it was described in the guide; and no changes, other than root PW, were made to the device before the upgrade. Sorry to come off a bit heated but I am very discontented with this product so far and I have only had it for a few hours :( Please help! There must be something I can do!
  2. I have a new ducky; is there any way of using the SET payloads on this hardware platform?
  3. All of these reverse shell scripts I try fail to create the "reverse.exe" file from the txt file via the cscript command. These are Win7 test machines. Any thoughts as to why?
  4. Forgive me but I have not seen this anywhere in my searching. Is there a command to make use of the "Fn" or function button?
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