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  1. Whatever the default is for those firmwares. I haven't attempted to change these as yet. Or am I missing something about this?
  2. What browser? Have you looked under programs to see if there is an uninstall for it?
  3. I've applied both "c_duck_v2.1" and "cm_duck" and I have issues with each unique to them selves. I have applied the firmware on a windows 7 box and tested on the same box. The problems I have experienced so far are the following: * Twin Duck firmware sometimes runs the payload and detects the SD card as mass storage for about 1 second. The drive appears in explorer for about 1 second and then disappears, it is not visible in the drive manager either. The lights on the naked ducky alternate between what seems to be green and orange. * Twin + Detour Duck firmware seems to work fine until if freezes the workstation (tested this on two windows 7 computers). Time seems to be random and services don't return to normal within 20 minutes. Even after removal the computer requires a restart. EDIT: the Twin + Detour Duck can run payload and is detected as a drive before it freezes the workstation if I wasn't clear about that. Has anyone else experienced these issues or found solutions to them if they have experienced them? Thanks in advance to anyone that can inform me of my poor ways of getting this tool to function :)
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