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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels weird with the keyboard. Did learn a bunch of new vi shortcuts though due to the missing keys on the apple kb :)
  2. Lucky for me there's no policy at all ;) The only downside now is the keyboard it just doesn't feel right :)
  3. Hi all thanks for the reply's Why didn't i think of that :) I just finished installing ubuntu on the macbook :) 'safe' again :)
  4. Hi all, My boss wants me to use a Macbook instead of my trusty linux laptop. I'm currently stationed on a site wich has alot of people able to walk in and out the building and i'v seen some arp poison attacks come by already. The security department doesnt realy seem to care here so I'v been searching the web for something like Xarp for OSX but it doesnt seem to exist (or im not correctly searching) Does anyone know if there is any alternative or port to Xarp for osx? currently i'm using MacPorts 'arpwatch' but the Xarp X11 notifier is what I like :)
  5. Thanks for the info might come in handy once ;)
  6. I would be glad to make a small how-to. But all I did is follow this how-to provided by Jason. Which is short by it's self. http://linuxconfig.org/apache-web-server-ssl-authentication It takes about 10 minutes to completely setup everything up from scratch.
  7. Just a little update: The two-way SSL is working perfectly in production.
  8. Thanks for the find For easy download i'v packed edition 1 to 30 and placed it on my dropbox http://dl.dropbox.com/u/32328767/INSECURE-Mag-1_30.tar.gz
  9. we don't even know the make an model of your system. Find your make, model and device names and start with googling the info like this: "make+model+device+linux+driver -windows"
  10. Haven't had the chance yet to fiddle with it. But one of my colleagues has it running he seems to be quite satisfied. He says it seems to run smoother. More info will follow next Tuesday when I speak to him again.
  11. none the less it's funny though ;)
  12. This pic was taken when a sister company I used to work for burned to the ground. Dell optiplex GX270 :)
  13. Hi all, thanks for all the help i'v got a test environment running. I mainly used the info from Jasons post cause this tutorial was more up-to-date. But still thanks for the effort Sparda
  14. Perfect I can use that info to. Thanks for the effort This is the setup I eventualy hope to configure customers apache proxy <-> two-way ssl <-> our apache proxy <-> one way ssl <-> weblogic server The one way ssl part is already working
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