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  1. Thanks for the tips, the $NTUninstall$ part was the only part I hadn't heard about. And that seemed to keep the warnings off for now. Since I do have an upgrade disc and have a current installation of Windows now after coughing up $30 for a 60 minute job that took over a week to do. I could probably do the Nlite bit on the CD and hopefully everything will work out. Just need to find a cheap external disc drive to run it off of. On a side note: wow things have changed around here, i spend one year out to finish high school and what not and just amazes me the level of support the community has brought. truly amazes me.
  2. yea that was one of the first things I did, worked for awhile. gah it's irritating, i'm getting low disk space warnings every 5 minutes.
  3. Hey I'm currently running a eeepc 901 20G originally running Linux but replaced with XPSP3 (sad i know, but I needed it for classes). The university's support center put XP on the 4GB drive and is full to the point certain programs aren't running properly. I would've done it myself if I could get an install disc instead of the useless upgrade disc. Now I've installed all non-windows essential programs on the 16GB but it still saves a lot of data on the 4GB. Any ideas on how to cut back on the amount windows uses? I would buy a bigger SSD but alas I still have to pay off my remaining school fees.
  4. A few, Microsoft mainly last I checked. Dell did for awhile but a lot of buisnesses got pissed off about that and threatnened to switch brands to something like HP, so the North American Dell moved the majority of their call centers back into places like Georgia and Texas (the majority of my support calls have gone there) Thankfully I've yet to have communications problems with them when I'm at Goodwill IT. However, even if though some compainies have moved their support back to their respective countries they do support for, what really ticks me off is that some support group in Canada my Dad always called had their support agents in N.A. but they were Indian! :x The only company I recently called for that prob had support in India or some other country was ABIT. One I had to use Skype out to make the call as it was long distance in which I don't have for landline. what's 151 do? i'm assuming that's a number in the UK.
  5. I know this is rather old but: sorry mate I couldn't resist!
  6. I can't speak for all the school systems here in the US but Indianapolis Public Schools as of late 2006 use Novell (very very gay) for their network management system as well as email (including Groupwise). Although my school uses regular Windows Networks b/c of it's charter school status.
  7. calking


    not to mention he can't get an apartment at his age (legally in the US). He would have to be an emancipated minor. But anyway it probably survived, at least the first hit.
  8. I tried that but active directory permissions kicked in so I couldn't access it. I could try the admin account but the thumbdrive is recognized and displays the thumbdrive like nothing's wrong with it. So i doubt that would work.
  9. Got back from PH and it worked flawlessly (not including the wait). When the manager saw the coupon, he looked suspiciously at it but didn't say anything. So that was cool. But I probably won't be doing that again anytime soon.
  10. Ok here's the fully explained problem. I plugged in my thumbdrive and Windows made the usual beep noise and placed the "safely remove devices" icon in the system tray. What didn't happen was the normal autorun and the addition of the device in the My Computer listing. Even after refreshing My Computer, it still wouldn't appear. I tried logging into another account and it worked there. The only difference is that the other account had Admin rights on the network whereas mine was a standard user. Although this is the only machine on the network to have this problem (it works fine on the others). Any thoughts or suggestions?
  11. I called and I told the guy about the coupon and he was like, "just bring it around lunchtime" so far so good.
  12. Pizza Hut express last i checked only does personal pan pizzas.
  13. If your credit card/debit/atm etc. contains RFID technology, there are ways you can stick alumuim foil into your wallet which will help block out unwanted RFID scanners. I saw it in a popular science article.
  14. Yeah I know, it's a crack dream. I'm not oblivious to the law I just think the US should FOR ONCE side with the people and not the frackin corporation who continually bribes them for their vote.
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