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  1. So I'm done with a really nice app that needs a little icon love and maybe a theme I guess to make it look nice. Since I'm not really a designer I've kinda thrown together a logo for it and a background for its forms so it doesn't look too dull and plain using office and stuff

    At the same time I don't want to get into any trouble using icons in my applications off the net because the app has the potential to be used by others than just myself should I decide to release it. If I do however it will be completely free.

    So what I'm basically looking for are any free toolbar sized icons for menu commands and application buttons and maybe some good background ideas or links to open source software to do the task.

  2. Yes net send is for XP and earlier, but its also still present in Vista if you enable it. Peronsally, I like the screensaver idea myself :) Just make a batch file to copy over a pre-determined folder so that you can quickly set it up when you get the chance.

  3. Better yet give it a .exe extension to really throw 'em for a loop :) But that doesn't matter. You can make an additonal container inside the hidden volume within the outside volume for even more security and TC already offers up to three types of encryption on a single volume as it is. Slower, but def. secure.

  4. Yeah, use truecrypt and its great. You can use multiple keyfiles in addition to passwords and hidden volumes for extra security.

    As far as giving it an extension goes for hiding, give it like a .doc extension. Opening it probably wouldn't even work with word/wordpad.

  5. If temp = "[GUI]" Then Form2.Text = FileReader.ReadLine()

    If you need to use the input for more than that, put it in the temp or another variable first and reference the value, say like this assuming its put in a variable called temp2:

    If temp = "[GUI]" Then temp2 = FileReader.ReadLine()

    additional actions to do using temp2...

  6. Ok here's what I do...

    I setup all of my personal machines with the same userid/password and configure permissions on the shares/printers so that only those accounts and maybe the administrator groups only get access to it. Remove the everyone permission. Disable the guest account. Than as long as you have the same userid/password it won't prompt you over the network for the share you're connecting to.

    This way, you still have a password but never haft to worry about providing it manually.

  7. Ok. Its trying to launch go.bat on its partition at \system\src\, but obvbiously its not there. Try locating it on the drive and if found copy to that location. Elesewise, get the sandisk installer for U3 and re-install.

  8. Its probably one of MS's well kept secrets buried deep in the registry, but available for modification nevertheless if you know of it.

    For example, I prefer UAC password requirement even for the administrator, but Vista Home Premium doesnt have group policy in order to change the behavior like Business and Ultimate do, so upon registry diving I found the sub-values that determine the behaviors for both standard and adminstrator users. I bet I could even make the standard user run stuff without having to enter a password if I wanted to, but that would defeat the purpose of UAC and open the machine to attack even for non-administrative users.

  9. lol...

    sounds like something I would do if I still had one. Took me ages but the farthest I ever got was 1 block away... next thing you know i've mixed it up again just trying to finish it.

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