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  1. My first "help" thread here :)

    I am wrting a Visual Basic application that will need to use an array with anywhere from 2 to 10 elements that contain unique numbers within a range generated randomally. I'm using VS 2008 for this. The code I got for this in a test project I'm doing until I can figure out how its done:

    Public Class Form1

    Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click

    'Array to be used

    Dim randomnumbers(9) As Integer

    'String that well contain the values to display in the messagebox

    Dim messagestring As String = ""

    'Cycles through each element in the array

    For I As Integer = 0 To randomnumbers.Count - 1

    'Assigns the current I element a random number between the range of 1 and 10

    randomnumbers(I) = CInt(Int((10 * Rnd()) + 1))

    'Only happens on the 2nd or any other go-around since there well never be a first answer that is the same when the others have not be given values.

    If I > 0 Then

    'Compares the current element to the last one. If equal, decrease I so the same element is used in the next go around.

    If randomnumbers(I) = randomnumbers((I - 1)) Then

    I -= 1


    'Appends the current element to the string to be displayed at the end when it is unique from previous elements

    messagestring &= randomnumbers(I) & " "

    End If


    'Assigns the first element to the string to be displayed at the end of the procedure.

    messagestring &= randomnumbers(I) & " "

    End If



    End Sub

    End Class

    The code above does generate numbers between the ranges of 1-10 for the ten elements of the array, but despite the if condition I put in to redo the element if it equals the last element, it ends up giving me two or more elements with the same number just about everytime I execute the code.

  2. Or is it that it's a direct send/recieve method of mail (i.e. mail gets sent directly from one computer to the other, only using the mail server for redirect protocols and mappings)

    You can setup Outlook where it only gets links instead of full e-mails and than only downloads when you want to read an e-mail. So this would sorta be relying on the server. You can also set it up where it keeps copies of messages on the server (whereas its default behavior is download and delete messages from the server).

    With you want true server interaction, stick with gmail or web outlook in your browser as with the case of companies running exchange servers.

    I personally haven't had that much issues with outlook, but this is coming from someone who keeps everything organized and cleans out the inbox every once in awhile.

  3. Uninstall anything related to firefox. Make your limited the account an admin until after the installation.

    Or if you wanna play things safe, get the portable copy and put it somewhere on your hard drive, creating a shortcut on the desktop so that it would appear as if it were installed.

  4. And BTW the router is pass protected, you'd be an idiot not to have that done first thing after setup. lol

    You'd be surprised...

    I hate 2wire products. Had the unfortuanate task of having to set one up for my friend. I'd throw on dd-wrt if you can. I'm a little confused by what you mean setting up shares/user accounts on the router. You do it on the ftp server itself.

  5. Remote access on the router might also need to be enabled short of firewall/port forwarding settings. If you're using mac filtering to limit those who can access the network that might be blocking outside users as well. Make sure you've got your router password-protected though.

  6. Time to clean your computer...

    Problem might be various things, such as PSU/CPU (as it was for my older machine), fans, etc like you said but cleaning out the fans and getting as much dust and stuff out of the case if a good first step and may help.

  7. It doesn't scan the contents of the file until you actually try to run it. The only other time where it would auto-remove based on content otherwise is if you got realtime scanning enabled on a half way decent security suite and are copying/moving the file to another disk/location.

  8. Create a batch to rename the files with an unkown extension or remove .exe altogether. Than when you want to use the program have another batch that'll restore the extensions. Had to do this with Cain on my usb because McAfee would auto-remove it.

  9. For me it seems as if a PS3's selling price is starting to not look so bad after all. Free online and you get a browser and a blue ray player too with a better hard drive than what comes with the 360.

  10. Things outlook does that it shouldn't (active processes):

    Removes BBC'ed recipients from the copy of an email in your sent items.

    Tell me that it will run slow if I don't create an archive 'pst' thus making the email server useless.*

    Keep Outlook client settings on the server**

    Things outlook should do but doesn't (active processes):

    Allow me to search all folders including the three other mail boxes I have open in a single search.

    Have a function of linking an event (or events) in the calendar to email(s).***

    Architectural flaws with outlook:

    Stop pretending that Outlook is THE email client****


    Rules on shared mail boxes and on personal mail boxes should only ever be handled by the exchange server and never the client!******

    *Thunderbird still runs as fast as always with 10000 emails in it's inbox. I don't have a clue what outlook does to make it run slow when other email clients simply aren't afflicted by this problem.

    **Exchange is some crazy face protocol that no one supports except Micosoft and Outlook, yet it offers no more functionality than that of imap + ldap directory, wtf is up with that?

    ***If I have an appointment in the calendar and I have emails related to it, I want to link them to the appoint ment. As far as I can see the calendar application and email application are completely separate applications but happen to be in the same window.

    ****Outlook seems to have been designed buy some one who does business for some one who does business instead of by some one who wants to get work done using email. it is pretending to be the end all and be all, and given my other complains thus far, that really doesn't hold up.

    *****Assuming that outlook is connected to an exchange server, I cannot believe that every day I have to deal with pst files. This seems like some thing the exchange server which uses a protocol that could be designed to do any thing, since it is made up in the first place, should do this for me. Perhaps if outlook didn't use a made up file format to store email the pst's wouldn't be so giant.

    ******If the server did all the rule management, it could make sure that no unessential duplicates where ever made, and that all rules that apply to an email are performed and flag emails that have conflicting rules. This comes back to "You are using a protocol you made up, why doesn't it do all the fancy shit a custom client with custom server and custom protocol should do?".

    Thank you for reading.

    Well there's a few things you can do...

    - You can compact your data file to supposedly "save space" and "improve performance"

    - Redo the e-mail account and when it asks you what data file to put recieved mail in see if you can skip that.

    - Donwload only headers unless you actually want to read a message.

    - Use rules to organize the e-mail into folders of your choice on your conditions.

    - Link your tasks with your contacts instead of the calendar. You might be able to link the contacts with the calendar, not sure.

    - If you're using exchange and hate dealing with .pst files, than stick with web outlook access. You don't want to haft to track down e-mail Outlooks deleted from the server when you need it later from another location.

    - You can move your .pst files to where you'd want them, but yeah they require you got one even if you don't need it.

    MS is pushing their live suite in the future along with W7. If its a hit most people will start using that I suppose.

  11. Most CompTIA's exams never expire and are supposedly "indepedent" from any1 company's technology.

    Self study for the skills and take any exam offered through them that may be good for your job (ie A+ for a general technician/support person). Then go back only if your employer requires it and take the proprietary exams.

  12. It usually changes depending where I'm going, but the staples are:


    Canon Rebel XT

    iPod touch


    leather work gloves

    small bolt cutters

    spray paint


    Spray paint for what... ?

    And a rope... interesting.

    Yeah. Little paper clip made it into my toolkit when a friend of mine had a super annoying modem I couln't reset (didn't know the password) so on return visit I brought one of my own and kept it in there since. Bent it up so it even has a nice little handle :)

  13. Dude, they've extended the download to anyone and everyone. It was gonna be for the first 2.5 million, but they changed thier minds. Go to Windows 7 on MS's website and download it. It is good to August 1st, plenty of time to evalulate the new OS.

  14. Yeah I got a copy of server 08 laying around that I haven't installed yet so don't know if they've improved things.

    03 and earlier is a pain in the ass to manage with group policies depending on what you're in charge to manage and how big your domain(s) are.

    That is why a admin log is important. So you know exactly what has been changed/implemented. I'd chew out the previous dude for it :)

  15. Oh lets buy little Jimmy or Sarah a new gameboy for christmas. Oh they'll love it and its real cheap too...

    Not to mention the economic times and Nintendo's you must by this accessory and that accessory to play said game. They're cashing in on people's pockets for sure.

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