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  1. Boot from a linux live distro to get the files contents OR

    Get into the recovery console on your XP CD:

    cd /d c:\
    type boot.ini

    Note "type" must be typed. Its a command.

    For getting the disk/partition layout:

    list disk
    select disk 0       etc...
    list part

    Write down the contents and post here.

  2. This might seem kinda harsh, but seriously...

    Throw away the assignments for whose owners couldn't be bothered with indentifying themselves. Is this a college class? At that stage of the game they should know.

    Can't you just copy w/e with cp *.* instead of specifying the extensions since thier all in a patiular directory? Don't know about cp, but xcopy has a switch to copy all sub-dirs and thier files too.

  3. I imagine these type of GUIs in standard Windows applications (such as the ribbin tab controls) will be available in Visual Studio 2010. Don't quote me on it though, MS may decide they want to keep it to thier software.

    As far as not having a title bar on the form to appear like iTunes or the default apperance of Windows Media Player 11, set the formborder type property on the form in Visual Studio to none. Make sure you got a way of closing the form whether programmatically or via button to the user of your application though.

  4. 1) Yes shift is used, but its only per session, meaning you must do it each time or disable autorun.

    2) Not sure about reversing since I haven't done it

    3) Yes if autorun is turned off the payload won't automatically execute, but seeing how most people leave it enabled you can be pretty sure that the majority of computers you want to try it out on will execute it.

    Protecting yourself:

    a.) Disable autorun all together

    b.) In Vista and maybe in XP set it up so it always ask for everything, instead of assuming a default action, so at least if you get infected it was your own fault...

  5. Yeah doing VS 2008 programming in VB right now. Had some mIRC scripting under my belt but actually creating programs can be a different story for sure.

    VS not matter the language well be good for you. You got intellisense to help you.

    Don't worry about memorizing all the functions. There is just no way you can do that, and a waste if you do because you won't remember all of it later. Think of an idea for an application you could use and than apply what you need to do after looking through help on the specific topic if you don't know how to procceed.

    I am a few routines away from creating my first useful application. This was done through hours of practice and occasional research, not by reading the entire library of help docs.

  6. Well I came up with a solution on my own... after all this trouble :) Here's the code if anyone's interested:

    Public Class Form1
        Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
            Dim str As String = "" 'String of numbers in thier random order to show
            Dim RandomNumbers(0) As Decimal 'Array of random numbers used to sort the real numbers randomally so they are unique
            Dim Numbers(9) As Integer 'Array of actual numbers the application will use
            Numbers(0) = 1
            Numbers(1) = 2
            Numbers(2) = 3
            Numbers(3) = 4
            Numbers(4) = 5
            Numbers(5) = 6
            Numbers(6) = 7
            Numbers(7) = 8
            Numbers(8) = 9
            Numbers(9) = 10
            For I As Integer = 0 To Numbers.Count - 1
                ReDim Preserve RandomNumbers(I)
                RandomNumbers(I) = Rnd()
            Array.Sort(RandomNumbers, Numbers)
            For I As Integer = 0 To Numbers.Count - 1
                str &= Numbers(I) & " "
        End Sub
    End Class

    Couple more routines to write and I'll be done with my first useful application :)

  7. If you do a lotta downloading of files and such, give hashtab a try. Its a shell extension for Windows that adds a "File Hashes" tab to file properties for quick checking rather than having to go launch md5sum w/e and than having to navigate to the file you just downloaded. Now you can just click open folder at the end of your download go to properties and get the hashes almost imediately.

    Download it here

  8. Well, I was hopeful but it ended up producing the same result with one or more elements having the same value...

    I orginally had another loop set up to catch for things like this, but I was forced to go to the code I got above because it kept returning the same value the way I had it, causing it to loop continously with no logical nor runtime errors.

  9. Hmm.. using the random class to do it. I tried that a few days ago and kept getting the same number, but the .next(1, 6) might work. Don't have time now to fiddle with it but I'll give it a try. Any more suggestions to try out? BTW, this isn't a game. Its a quiz app that needs to randomally display questions and thier possible answers hence the range restrictions and importance that each be unique.

  10. As far as backup for contacts/e-mail, just copy his .pst file to a safe place and than if there's problems you can launch outlook again on the re-install and set it back as the default again after you've copied back. If you put right in the folder outlook is expecting, it might not even prompt you with the usual setup routine like it normally would.

    Done this plenty of times.... it don't keep all the settings and you lose any e-mail sigs, but your folders, including inbox e-mails, contacts, tasks, calendar will remain intact.

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