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  1. Ask him if you could borrow it for a sec to check on something and than add an account.

    Ideally it would be nice to change the password so you know it. Wish there was a program out there could take a hash and put it in the sam rather than calulating a new one from the clear-text password you provide. If i'm wrong though (wouldn't be surprised), than get his hash, copy it to a safe place, and put it back the way it was after.

  2. I think it determines speed to and from the test server. Though it may be from the same company, thier servers may be spanned over different locations hence the difference in results. Benchmarks are always rough estimates, and various other factors can contribute to the real upload/download speed you get at any given time.

  3. Password to lanuch the teacher console on the other more expensive version? Still a security risk if you got a copy and are running it on your own machine...

    Sounds like the developers need to come up with some more secure means, such as a dedicated server to serve the clients and teachers so you couldn't just get a copy of the teacher console and do as you please.

  4. Some models with the idea of this integrated chip with an OS on it thing sounds a lot like what you're implying, which no doubt sounds like a great idea to improve performance, though the advantage of the integrated chip rather than RAM would be that it would remain after power off. What I don't get is how you can expect faster boot times from RAM when any memory that stores the OS is flushed on power-down. The OS would need to be reloaded to this special allocation of RAM from a hard drive before it could boot.

    Really it boils down to developing motherboard sized ICs with enough storage capacity for a modern day OS. I can see SSDs one day getting small enough to integrate on a motherboard. Until that time it just isnt feasible.

  5. Yeah, the recovery partition is a problem now. The way they have it set up now, it is readily available for read/write in Windows by default on new machines. One of the first things I do for friends it to remove the drive letter for it in disk management.

  6. Ophcrack's tables cant be "loaded" as thier GUI foolishy conveys to the user. You put them in a tables directory and select that directory in order to use those tables. Hope that helps clear things up.

  7. You need ntlm tables for starters. The basic tables available can't crack anything beyond basic alphanumeric 5-6 character passwords. You will need to build your own if you want a better table. Unless you're doing pen-testing, really what you need to do is reset it with a password tool. This won't give you the password, just blank it or set it to the one you specify.

  8. Didnt his last post pretty much describe it?.. Well except maybe for the script loading from the server part. Don't see how you coulda changed those settings unless the admins were too lazy to lock it down.

    Anyone with that viewer could tap in. Shouldn't they have userids/passwrods or tie it into AD if the software can do that?

    At the HS I went to you couldn't even right click windows.... what is it with these IT teams at schools now days?

  9. I have used Process Monitor and Explorer to find it but nothing. If I Reinstall windows it came back even after I have repartioned my whole hard disk.

    Already been used...

    Maybe the infection's spreading through your network from other computers? You don't have any shares set up?...

    Seriously though. If you got a pirated copy now you know why its bad. Either go back to the previous legit copy you got with your PC or look to an alternitive like BeOS or give linux a try.

  10. They should be able to log just about anything they control, but by the problems you've described it sounds like they're doing a half-ass job if anyone could access anyone elses files.

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