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  1. Debian Because ubuntu is just debian for noobs, and starting with a basic debian kernel and shell from the netinstall, I can just apt-get everything I need, and nothing that I do not need. Also run XP for games, and BT3 for pentesting.
  2. I am wondering if anyone can help me. I am looking for help writing a script (bash,perl,whatever) which can determine the latest version of a sourceforge project and download it (then unpack,compile,etc,etc - that part is fine). It seems like a task someone should have done already I would have thought, but searches seem to turn up CVS and SVN type auto update scripts, which I dont think is what I am looking for. As an example, ill use "sleuthkit" (it is some forensic software I am required to have the latest "proper" release of): http://heanet.dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/sleuthkit/ lists many files and releases. the one I would like the script to download is named sleuthkit-3.0.1.tar.gz as of today. but of course the version number will change periodically so 3.0.2, 3.1, 4.0.1...etc. Has this already been accomplished in some way or will I need to write a parser for the webpage of each software I want to download?! Cheers for any help! I posted this at linuxquestions and am yet to get any reply :( But I thought, the hak5 people are keen on coding etc, maybe they can help! EDIT: actually, the link doesnt take you to a directory listing unless you have previously gone through the sourceforge page :( that makes things even more awkward
  3. It was most probably a script kiddie request, but anyway - anything you install, someone with physical access can circumvent. VNC no matter how hard you try to hide it is still far to easy to detect unless you are age 60+ :P If it was a legit q - quit trying to spy on your kid! If you suspect him to be watching CG gay dolphin porn or something weird, try and talk to him about it!
  4. dennis123123

    ISP Spy

    Haha, best old-man style comment ever!
  5. i'm still using server 03, but thats because I am licensed for it. if you need some windows type stuff running on it (terminal services, etc etc) stick with WS2003/8. if you are planning a dedicated webserver, or ftp server, etc, CentOS ftw.
  6. An app that does all this and more already exists! :) http://nemesis2.qx.net/pages/MyEnTunnel Its really awesome, runs from a USB drive and sits in the sys tray.
  7. Yeah winpe2+drivers is the way to go, grab the sams and run them through ophcrack. I have the 8gig or so ntlm set, so if you are stuck, put the file up here and ill run it through for you to see how that goes. it covers: character set: up to length 6: 0-9A-Za-z !"#$%&'()*+,-./:;<=>?@[\]^_`{|}~ length 7: 0-9A-Za-z length 8: 0-9a-z
  8. Swapped the graphics card from an old ATI to a recent NVidia, that also made no difference :(
  9. Memtest was my first thought, i've also swapped it out for a different stick with the same result. Strangely, I do not get an error about it in event viewer! It says something like "previous shutdown was unexpected" but thats all. I'm 100% sure its a software problem, I have since located 4 microsoft hotfixes for 8E Terminal server BSOD problems, all of them change win32k.sys in some way. I have tried each one in turn, and I still get the same result :( Not that its any different to a regular bluescreen, but If it helps I could photograph the output on my monitor, but it really is just the normal blah blah blah and then STOP 0x0000008E.
  10. I am trying to learn about terminal services on Windows Server 2003 180 day trial. I have set up my server, and terminal services, and it connects fine from a LAN pc and I can log on. Unfortunately, when my "user" from the LAN clicks Start->Logoff to end his terminal services session, or closes the client and the 5 minute timeout I set ends, the server instantly reboots without warning!? The server runs constantly logged in as "administrator", and the client connects with user account "user" It seems to be a problem others have had, with no solutions, like: http://techrepublic.com.com/5208-6230-0.ht...516&start=0 Please help! this thing is bugging me now... :( EDIT: I disabled reboot-on-BSOD and found a STOP 0x0000008E. This PC has been running my torrents flawlessly for about a month so I very much doubt the hardware is faulty. I'm in the process of checking and updating drivers... EDIT2: Drivers made no difference, but I noticed http://support.microsoft.com/kb/957877 hmm... EDIT3: No luck with any of the MS patches :( Looking for ideas...
  11. http://letmegooglethatforyou.com/?q=vnc+over+internet i'd thoroughly advise tunnelling over ssh for security reasons. http://letmegooglethatforyou.com/?q=vnc+over+ssh+tunnel My preferred Windows versions of each are TightVNC + DFMirage, and freeSSHd
  12. l2read :P http://letmegooglethatforyou.com/?q=arch+linux
  13. I had this idea once, but mag stripe readers are uber-cheap (like £10 in the UK) from ebay etc, that output in a standard rs232 type format, which can of course be adapted to just about anything! A mag stripe writer however... :)
  14. Sorry :) But you are very right in saying (as with Linus), "the right tool for the job", but there are way too many FOSS nerds who would rather sit by themselves and play TuxRacer or Solitaire "just becuase they are FOSS" whilst everyone else plays real games on Windows OSes. They dont *want* to be playing those crappy games, but they are like "zomg M$ suxxors", and refuse to use it, because, as someone so elequantly put it, they are dicks :P
  15. Haha so true! its even written by an admin :) Linux is stable, and is free, and can make an awesome server etc, but the nerds that babble on about it like the bearded weirdos that live in basements who create all the FOSS stuff (okay, maybe that was too much of a stereotype :P) can go too far, the micro$oft spelling etc is a perfect example. IMHO FOSS has its uses, but there are often better proprietery alternatives (MSOffice/OpenOffice is a good example), on the other side, I wouldnt ever think about using MS IIS web server, I would always choose Apache. Both "sides" have good and bad pieces of software. I too often wish the opensource people would stfu and just disappear and go and recompile their kernels or whatever it is they do for fun :D
  16. Any good AV app, like ESET, and the others that have been mentioned will auto restart, or produce alerts if they try to be killed. Notice how ekrn.exe and egui.exe are not in the metasploit list? Thats because when killed, they immediately restart. Well, ekrn does anyway, egui is just the frontend, even if you do lose that , the warnings still appear. But still, a better solution than simply process killing would be great :)
  17. a demonoid invite code would be awesome :) pm me ;)
  18. With a sentence like that, I do not advise linux. If you "worry" about viruses etc on Windows, you clearly do not have enough knowledge to install, run and maintain a linux installation sucessfully. My advice to you: stick with Windows B)
  19. Hmm, I dont yet own a netbook, and I have thought about getting one (after seeing them being used on Hak5 :)) What is everyone's opinions on the Asus eeePC 900A (Intel atom 1.6ghz, 1gb ram, 16gb ssd, wifi, etc) I like the look of it much better than the 901/1000 larger uglier models, and the spec seems fine for a netbook. and more importantly, hack-ability is top with the eeepcs :D all kinds of mods been done to them slightly over budget, but who cares :D
  20. firstly, hi everyone :P I've watched every episode of hak5, and yet only just registered on the forum Now then, I feel like adding something to my collection of gadgets/tech hardware...but I have no idea of something which could be useful, but I dont have already :( Looking for ideas, I have about a $200-$250 budget
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