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  1. Just completed my solar powered nano, that I use for geo-location etc.
  2. is it switched on????
  3. I've always used VMWare for all my virtual projects, been with them since ESX V1.
  4. How do I increase the size of my attachment space or free up my existing attachment space.
  5. Hey darren, Any chance of putting your 600k script on github so we can look at it? cheers
  6. yes, but they do have some interesting tools on there website, I myself would be interseted in using such for malware analysis. I have just managed to get hold of the wannacry ransome and would love to use their for examinig this piece of malware. But if thier not interested its thier loss.
  7. have emailed you and had no reply
  8. what os are you using, if linux you have downloaded
  9. you did check 1 your routers IP and then the IP of your network card in kali?
  10. Thats what I thought.
  11. cheers mate
  12. sorry if this has been answerd elswhere I couldnt find it. Updating the FW, do I set the bunny to arm mode, go in through serial and cd / and copy fw update there or Do I set sw1 to RNDIS_ETHERNET and ssh <ip address> cd / and copy firmware update there. I want to get this right as I dont want to brick it and its only just arrived. cheers for any help. kerravon
  13. Biy darrens book, it good for beginners,
  14. no I was not asking, just commenting on the strange things my wife said.
  15. I thought I'd share this, my wife said to me you might as well order that bouncing bunny your after! after some investigation we worked out she met the bash bunny, Then this morning she asked me when my bunny boiler will arrive? I give up (lol)