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  1. sound great, very interested in how you've done it
  2. I use a combination of IR reworkstation and Hot air reflow station when repairing pcbs, yes you can use small guage modding wire to reconnect, but it may be possible to repair the pcb tracks themselves which I what I was talking about. need a close up of the area of damage.
  3. you could send it to me, I used to repair pcb's back in the day
  4. windows 10 is a pain in the butt, try other os like kali in a vm.
  5. might be worth showing us the script to aid us in debugging for you, orherwise it like peeling an orange with a garden spade.
  6. did you download the driver for windows, thats what I had to do when I first bought mine.
  7. or use one of the online antenna calculators and design a discone for 2.4/5Ghz depending on what you want.
  8. may be a silly question, but what does any of this have to do with the subject "selling wifi"
  9. I also would be interested in looking at the source code.
  10. kali is definitley a good bet, take a look at the warpi project.
  11. found this The raspian has a service called ifplugd. This ifplugd is a daemon which will automatically configure your ethernet device when it is plugged in and automatically unconfigure it if it is pulled. So, it does the device stay busy. Disabling it allow you to use ifconfig and iwconfig normally. Just use the comand: $ sudo service ifplugd stop
  12. whay os are you using and which flavour? is network manager running if so turn it off.
  13. Try this fix and try again. let me know Make a backup of /etc/default/ifplugd and change HOTPLUG_INTERFACES="all" to HOTPLUG_INTERFACES="". vi /etc/default/ifplugd then reboot .
  14. are you running as root as this is required?
  15. send me the errors two heads are beter than one as they sat btw merry xmas