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Bluetooth Programming


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My Goal:

To develop an application, that will scan for bluetooth devices, and send them a message.

I dont wanna take over someones phone, or gibson.. just simply send a text message. Maybe with a pic, if i feel fruity!

going further.. maybe log all the mac addys so i dont message the same person more than once.

I would describe myself as competent with C++.. so not an expert, but enough to get by

Ok, heres my Q:

So i have my laptop (ubuntu) with bluetooth enabled. how can i get my program to speak to that device?

any ideas would be great.

I know theres a lot of bluesnarfing stuff everywhere, but i'd like to learn how its done!

Or even link to an "opensource" one that already exists that i can ave a look at.

some of the ones i downloaded, are all in spanish, or windows only, or are made to hack phones... so not really what im looking for!


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