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moto q & Verizon tetherimg


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I would like to know if anyone has figured out a way you can tether the moto q windows mobile 6 w/out having th buy the $30 tethering plan I already am paying $30 a month for the unlimited data but now they wanna charge me any another $30 a month just to connect to the computer which is ridiculous $60 a month just to have internet on my computer

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I don't know if they change the firmware to lock it out, but on my USCC Q9C I just go into internet sharing and enable it. Not supposed to since it is technically against TOS for USCC, but if you aren't running BT or hogging bandwidth, they don't seem to care.

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i dont know on the verizon software for the moto Q, but what i have seen on most phones if you pull the info up with QPST you will find they have couple of addresses for the server the data routes threw, the normal data from the phone routes to carriers bread and butter server, and any outside connections from a bluetooth or cables connection routes to modified address to allow them to tell its not from the phone,

something like..

v3something.com vs DUN.v3something.com

the second address makes a check to see if the tethering feature is on your account and returns pass/fail. basical the different path the phone passes the data threw is the only way they can tell its not oringating from the phone, other than the amount of data being transfered vs calculating the data buffer on the phone :P

so edit dun/tethered address for the dial up networking to match the plain one, save and enjoy.

FYI - i have also heard/seen people being able to tether with their phone without any changes to it or the proper features, most of the time it was with an older phone, my guess is some of the older software on the phones didn't have second address to flag outside connections to the system

P.S. i would expect most carriers have basic rules set in place to monitor for excesive use so keep that in mind

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