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Weird network problem


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So i recently set up my old rig as an ubuntu server so i could have ftp and all that good stuff, but i wanted it next to my desktop so i could work on it w/o needed vnc if i needed to do something on it. So i bought a 5 port switch for 20 bucks and everything was working just great. Then yesterday my desktop restarted because of updates and then i lost internet just to my desktop. Every other computer in my house worked, including the server. So i shut down my server and rebooted my desktop, and the desktop had internet. I was happy, but then i turned back on my server, and what do you know, no internet connecting to it..... Idk if my router is limiting computer connections or something but i have 7 devices (desktop, server, 2 other desktops, laptop, wii, and xbox 360) but this is just annoying because i dont want to have to wire another cable from my router to my desktop area just to have my server up.

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on windows:

Start -> Run:

cmd /k ipconfig /all >> c:\myIP_win.txt

cmd /k route print >> c:\myroutes_win.txt

on Ubuntu :

Get yourself to a bash prompt and type:

ifconfig >> ~/myIP_nix.txt

route print >> ~/myroutes_nix.txt

Do this with windows working, and with the server on and windows not working. Then diff the sets and see what changes. Might be something like a rouge DHCPd or DNS operating.

Also, when windows has the problem and you cannot get internet access try the following:

ipconfig /release

ipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig /renew

ipconfig /registerdns

(this block of commands forces windows to drop its IP, flush the DNS cache, apply for a new dhcp lease and register its hostname with the dns server.

nslookup google.com (looks up the DNS record for google.com)

ping google.com (attempts to ping google.com, if the above fails this will as well)

ping (this pings one of googles web heads by IP, so if there is a DNS problem then this will work while the 2 commands above fail)

If nothing works from the windows box:



(note: please don't post your actual external IP address (which can be found by going to whatismyip.com))

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Sounds like you need to log on to the router and increase the number of addresses the router can hand out to connected devices. Where is DHCP being handled and how many addresses are allowed to be handed out by the router? If windows assings itself an address startign wirh 169.something, then it isn't getting set an address by the router or not finding it.

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Vako's method usually works. What kind of router is it usually they do a range of around 150 ip's. It would be strange if it was limited that quickly. Try removing the switch from the network then plugging it back in. The tables it keeps on routing could have been borked.

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Edit: Fixed....thanks for your help guys!

Mind telling us what the problem was?

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