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Just call Microsoft and ask for level 7 technical support. You have to argue with them, and give them a lot of shit, and it may take several calls but if you persist you can unlock the dev menu that gives you admin access to all of the xboxes in the game session. From there you can print out a list of usernames, passwords and credit card numbers (part of the billing function). However, due to DRM, you will need an X-Box 360 Printer. Normally the public aren't allowed to buy these, so again you will need to call a few places and social engineer them into believing that you are a Microsoft employee. Can't help you much more than that tbh, there are a few open sauce projects that are working on free alternatives but you will need to know how to recompile IBM AIX for the xbox 360's shell processors.

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Not a lot of people know this, but the Gameboy Printer that Nintendo sold a few years ago actually works for the above process. You need to bash together an adapter first, of course, but it works a treat once you've got it up and going.

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