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  1. uNpRo1337

    Host Boot

    Does anyone know any good host booting programs? But i also need help on getting the IP address of people im playing with over XBL
  2. Which one should i use i really want my teachers passwords, i have no idea what to do with ips and open ports so really i wana change my grade if i ever end up failing, im nervous for next year, AND YES I HAVE READ about the kids that are getting a 36 year maximum jail sentence., but really i need help on downloading and putting onto my Newq SanDisk cruzer because this is my first attempt in anything close to hacking so i need step by step details (bare with me i wont know any shot terms sooo...) if you can help then thanks
  3. Rawr, im sry ill just make a new topic in Hacks and mods, would that be the right one?
  4. Could i get step by step instructions on how to put this onto my SanDisk cruzer? i know absolutely nothing about hacking or modding or any short terms like DMS so i wont know anything about blah blah blah i just said that, just to let you know im new to all this obviously
  5. uNpRo1337

    XBL Hacks?

    When i piss off noobs on Halo they say that their going to hack, i know their not because their just pissy. But the point is, is their really a way o hack XBL accounts and if their is can someone help me cause i wana try this so call Hacking lolololz :P so leave a post if you could please help me with this cause i have been dieing to know and want to try hacking the accounts of people that end up annoying me all i know is that i need an IP tracker
  6. Can someone add me to help me set up Switchblade on my new SanDisk cruzer?
  7. I say just let him do what he wants if you notice anything different..like your computer getting owned like mine then go with the baseball idea
  8. Add me I R HAWTFUZZY lolololzzzz but what i have latly loved doing is buying 1months and making new accounts so you guys should add me i sometimes play COD4 but i have to rent it because it broke and im almost alyways on Halo 3 so add me and we can talk about HaXor flakes!
  9. Well whats funny is that i happened after i downloaded the hacksaw from this siht or it could be the Hacksaw from usbhacks.com....Trend Micro Antivirus has come up with nothing but Webroot just got some spy cookies
  10. Well if its for Halo3 i'd like it, not halo PC, what do you have to do just put it on a USB then plug into 360?
  11. When im on my computer there are pop ups that immediately close, when i log off and log back onto my computer command prompt shows up when i click on it ti goes away, can someone tell me whats going on??
  12. I was wondering, at my school they use the program Gradewise, will the hacksaw get me that progam and my teachers usernames and passwords? Im looking for that A- (not plus it'll be too suspicious :)) If so can you guys send me an Message to help me out?
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